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Robbie Coleman
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I know my comment will mostly just echo what so many others have already said, but I had to say it as well. You have chosen wisely! It truly warms my heart after following you pre-parenthood, one-child-parenthood, and recently, overwhelming-parenthood. I was always happy to see little quips from @RockHardAwesome because it meant (to me at least) that you were finding connection with your son. Your contributions to the internet are well spoken for and deserved. How fortunate your family is to have you to themselves. I'm sure they deserve it as well, as your time must have been stretched quite thin. I had the chance to meet you briefly at PDC 2008 in the vendor hall for an epic one song game of Rock Band2. You played drums, Phil Haack played guitar, and I sang. It confirmed my impression of you being a playful, lighthearted, big kid and I can only imagine how well that will fit with your 3 little ones. Keep rockin' the geeky father/developer part! \m/
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Feb 7, 2012