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Colin Eagan
Washington, D.C.
User Experience Architect in Washington, D.C.
Interests: Information Architecture, User Experience Design, Management Consulting
Recent Activity
Yeah its an interesting question: obviously the goal is to create a device ecosystem, making it easy to own all three+, with features like Skydrive serving as the virtual glue between them. Based on the usability reviews, it seems the challenge has been more around scaling up the interaction design to take advantage of consistency across mediums without being 'dumbed down' on larger devices. Certainly easier said than done, but will be interesting to see if users will chose to learn the current UI or wait for the next version.
Responsive Design raises a lot of good questions about how we approach IA: how do you sketch a responsive interface using a static wireframe, for example. Design approaches have to be more modular by definition, and focus on individual components of a page layout as opposed to the overall landscape. Curious to hear if anyone has recommendations on tools.
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Jun 28, 2010