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Colleen Bishop
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I totally agree with your method of parenting. I've always done this with my kids and I hope they learn to be resilient people who can pick themselves up and dust themselves off and move on with whatever they were doing, literally or figuratively. I applaud you. It's very hard to not run over and fuss all over the kids over every bump and bruise just to appease the helocopter parents that are everywhere.
Toggle Commented Jun 28, 2014 on The Benefit of Lazy Parenting at Mommy Shorts
I made a veggie stock once using freezer scraps, pretty much any veggie I prepared to eat anything that I trimmed off went into the bag. It ended up being mostly broccoli stems and carrot peelings and onion skins. But it turned out great. It tasted like hot and sour soup (I had thrown in a dried chili pepper on a whim). I've tried to recreate it over and over and have never come close. It's too bad, it was such a good soup! The crock pot is a great idea, never thought of doing that. Next time I suppose.
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2012 on A tale of two stocks at Half Assed Kitchen
I love that Zephra & Linda Hunt have the exact same expression, too cute! But my vote goes to James & Alfred E. Newman, James is adorable and Alfred has always been one of my heros... ;)
Toggle Commented Aug 20, 2011 on Mommy Shorts is One Year Old Today! at Mommy Shorts
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Aug 19, 2011