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Today was great fun! Yes,the Sabrina propping is a bit much, but Epiphany's "words of wisdom" we're entertaining, especially talking about "Magic" Milo's body. Milo and Sabrina were cute together. LOVED Emma's "no silly, Felix likes boys." Anna threw shade on Britt(a), Dr. O and her fierce hat threw shade on Americans ("shooting in the park is so...American"), and Bobbie and Scott had an amazing bonding scene. The best and most entertaining part of the episode was Dante's EXTREMELY over-the-top interrogation of the shooter and then his shaking and screaming at the corpse. WTF was that?! The scenery chewing was unbelievable. I think I saw bite marks. I can not wait to see the next episode and to me, that is the most important thing about this show.
I commented on another board where I was in the total minority, but I actually don't mind this twist with Johnny. It does make him more interesting and I could see him sticking around for quite a while. Sonny and Jason have both killed and are still on GH, so why can't Johnny? I was boycotting OLTL (for ousting Kish, Rachel and Schuyler) during the Eli Clarke storyline, but I do recall him suddenly being evil. I'm not sure this is quite the same thing, but I guess we will see how this story plays out. I want to wait before I immediately judge. Jason is the king of all douches. He has not been supportive to Sam ATALL since finding out about Franco being the biological father of her baby. Jason certainly has a right to his doubts, BUT at least pretend like you love and support your wife. Stop giving her the cold shoulder, looking constipated and wailing to Elizabeth. I want Sam to kick him in the nuts in her high heel boots and decide to raise the baby with her mom and sisters. Kelly Sullivan has been great as Kate/Connie, but I have to admit that I am over DID storylines. Nothing can top OLTL's Queen Victoria and her alters. The Jessica debacle was good for camp value, but I grew tired of it quickly. I think soap writers should be banned from DID storylines for the next three years (if soaps last that long).
Toggle Commented May 24, 2012 on I'm Sorry--WHAT?! at Serial Drama
Ron Carlivati linked this article on his twitter page. Way to go Louise! In addition, I am in complete agreement with this entire post. Can not wait until Monday!
The line of the day was Phylicia's "My daughter's childhood is over thanks to her foolishness, your son's carelessness, and your interference."
Toggle Commented Sep 1, 2011 on And There Are Silver Linings Yet at Serial Drama
I am a bit too young to have seen the Tina return live, but the Gwyneth Alden reveal shocked the s**t out of me. I was so stunned, I was sure it was a fake out. I could not wait for the next day. The Angie and Jesse sighting was good, but the idea of Jesse being alive was so ridiculous that it took away from the impact. Also, it was promoted to death. Friday's OLTL was so anticipated and all the drama leading up to it did not disappoint. I LOVED the last scene. I can not wait until tomorrow to watch. I can not remember the last time I said that about any show (daytime or primetime).
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2011 on Best Endings In The History Of Ever? at Serial Drama
McTavish coming back is a nightmare. She should not be allowed in the daytime industry again. The unabortion is enough to get her banned. Dixie's death by pancakes makes it much worse. Not to mention all the other mistakes she made: Remember her awful stories in 1998? Yes, I took it there. Braden Lavery, Raquel Whateverhername was, and the worse horror: TKFP (That Kit Fisher Person) aka Christine Montgomery. Shuddering in horror. I don't care that she created Zach or Zendall. I was not a huge fan of the pairing or Zach, but I do recognize their popularity. Did she create Kendall back in 1993? I am too lazy to look it up. Either way, she has had some good ideas, but those days are LONG gone. In terms of Damon, I actually started to like him once he was paired with Liza. I hated him with the ADHD thing and always messing up. I hated the history rewrite and hated even more that Hilary was never brought back. Ugh! His "love" scenes with Liza was horrifying, but mesmerizing at the same time. I am somewhat sorry to see him go, and I only wish Tad would go too. Yes, I know this is unpopular, but what is the point of Tad these days? Stand around and making corny jokes? He has had a rich history, but the writers aren't doing him any favors. Michael Knight looks bored in every scene. There is a rumor that he may be getting married (I won't spoil it), so I only hope that helps him. So glad that Mallory mentioned that homoerotic subtext between Asher and JR. I love me some Jasher. They are hot. I would love to see those kissing cousins. Today was the first day I realized how awful Natalie Hall is in her role as Colby. Not Brianna Moncrief awful, but awful nonetheless. That screeching was so unnecessary. Her scenes with Turbo Luner were equally bad as Turbo also was having an off day. I did love the end when Tad came to the door to find Liza standing their looking like shell shocked.
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2011 on Going Out With A, Um, Bang at Serial Drama
Your distain for Olivia "beaming!" at Sonny made me laugh until I cried. I truly hate her character and it makes me sad that Sonny is still on the show and not in prison. Maurice Bernard "contemplating" re-signing with the show is a joke. He knows what side his bread is buttered and it would make no sense for him to give up a gig where he is treated like the town stud who makes all the women in town's legs open just from his smile.
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2010 on Sweeps Dreams. Or Nightmares, Rather at Serial Drama
Steven's role on this show is tragic. He is the grandson of the OG Steve Hardy. He is Jeff and Heather Webber's son! Give me a break. He should be battling between being a stand-up guy and a snarky asshole. His mother was CRAZY! I am going to pretend that 2004 return story never happened, but Heather was zany. She was manipulative, scheming, but all she wanted was to be loved. I wish the show would bring back Heather, Jeff and Annie Logan (who in my mind is Sarah and Liz's mom). Even for a short arc, I would like the show to deal with parentage of these characters. GH briefly touched on how having crazy Heather as a mom affected Steven and the Webber household. I seem to recall a throw-a-way scene between Liz and Heather discussing how she would come around and Jeff would pay her to go away. Either way, Steven deserves SO much better than to be an inept Chief of Staff. Also, Epiphany makes me furious. I hated the way she talked to Steven. I am no pushover at work, but she was so nasty to her BOSS. I wish that Steven would have kicked her to the curb. I know that GH originally saw Epiphany as the daytime version of Bailey from Grey's Anatomy, but Bailey is a doctor, and Epiphany is a nurse. She does not have the clout. Has anyone noticed how we keep hearing "Dr. Monica Quartermaine" being paged on the loudspeaker during the hospital scenes? That does not make up for the fact we are not seeing her on our screen. Robin is making so many mistakes. It is getting ridiculous. Robin was always fiery, but she is no fool. She would be able to control herself with Lisa and be able to drive her crazy. Also, the fact that Lisa was released and back at work is unbelievable.
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2010 on XOXO, Gossip Girl at Serial Drama
This show is really sad. You get Vanessa Marcil-G back and they squander her in these lame scenes and terrible stories. This "smackdown" was neither epic or interesting. Just tedious. I am over Carly running around town being mean and bitchy to everyone. She needs to mature and grow. When Carly runs around squaking, I really wish Bobbie would come in to check her. Sigh, I miss Bobbie. Brenda also could have much better comebacks. Brenda's expressions or expression-less face during the rant was entertaining. I do feel for Laura Wright because I wonder what she thinks each time she has to play Carly like a 40 year-old brat.
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Oct 25, 2010