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Am I the only one that is constantly confused by the simple OK/Cancel button order? This seems to be making it's way to web apps, mobile apps, and everywhere else, I believe from Windows. Do you want to do operation X [ OK ] [ Cancel ] versus... Do you want to do operation X [ Cancel ] [ OK ] I think some argue, it should change based on context, if the most often action is to "OK", then that goes right most, or if the most often action is to "Cancel", then that should go rightmost. I argue, it should be consistent, regardless of action context, and the positive action should always be the right most. If you want to over-ride the default, set the pre-defined selection on the button you desire, so it is enter/return key ready. "OK", "yes", "Go", or whatever it is, should always be right most. I could also argue, the name should never change. If it has always beeb "Do it", then all apps, web, mobile, or desktop, should use "Do it".
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2010 on The Opposite of Fitts' Law at Coding Horror
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Mar 25, 2010