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Would be really happy if the first three rounds looked something like..... 1 - Earl Thomas, S, Texas 2 - Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU 3 - Reshad Jones, S, Georgia Maybe a WR or NT in the 4th.....
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Andy, No problem about the name thing. Actually didn't even notice untill you pointed it out.. I agree Gibril didn't look good out there this year but, I wonder how much of that is from bad play on his part -vs- bad play of Phins D. Yeah, he looked pathetic trying to tackle Shockey, but if we had an ILB that could cover or tackle, he wouldn't have been in that situation. It's tough comming to a new defence, learning a new scheme, and playing out of position. He had alot on his plate, so it was inevitable he was going to fail.... All in all though, he might not be the safety we were all hoping he was going to be but, I still believe he is a good enough player to be a backup SS if he would have taken a paycut.
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ANDY, My point is Gibril is actually pretty good against the run. He was playing out of position at FS. Still had 93 tackles on the season... And it ties in to my original point, what happens if Bell goes down early in the season? Who do we have to take his place? Gibril could have been a good backup if he would have taken a HUGE paycut...
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Mar 19, 2010