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And why does O'Neal need to play so much in the high post anyway? Keep that dude down on the low blocks where he belongs. Get someone else to set those picks for Wade. You want O'Neal to grab more rebounds? Get him closer to the basket more frequently.
"Just a mediocre pseudo-center, to be nice. He wouldn't even start in many teams at the 5." Yea, but he's still way better than Anthony or Haslem anchoring the 5 spot....
I'm surprised the Heat let Flip Murray slip though the cracks -- dude could've help create on a team that severely lacks creators. I guess the same could hold true for Iverson. Head scratchers for me....
10. Beasley was never depressed. 9. Spoelstra's 'trip' to the Philippines was staged at a Hollywood studio 8. Only Wade, Q-Rich, J.O., and D Wright are the only members of the Heat to work out with Tim grover for 2 months. 7. Lamar Odom pulled a Mo Williams on us. 6.Michael Jordan wants to come back at 50! 5.Weed gives Beasley superpowers! Give it to him Riles 4. Tim Bug heading to the rafters 3. Pau Gasol and Kevin Garnett are soft. 2.Ira winderman have a mancrush on Beasley and hate Haslem. 1. **** Fixed
Williams, you killed the blog you little stick-boy....
"Does anyone actually like I-Win? Enjoy his posts? Find him knowledgeable, intelligent, or otherwise worthwhile?" Udonis Haslem
Posted by: josh | September 21, 2009 at 10:59 PM **** Accurate and funny all wrapped up in one package.
I-win Ahhhhhhh just wanted to tell you that Josh Smith plays the 4 for Atlanta and marvin Williams plays the three. Posted by: PayPerView | September 21, 2009 at 05:06 PM **** Bwahahahahaha....this was so classic I had to post it again. What a maroon.
I think Miami would have enuff to compete with those 2, eddie, I really do. I think a lot of it depends on how Beasley is used, and how he responds...both JO and Beasley are big time variables.
"If the impossible happened and Jermaine O'Neal returned to 2007 form [19.4 ppg 9.6 rpg and 2.6 blks], would Miami be considered a contender?" Yes.
Spo has said on numerous occasions that Beasley's been the hardest working guy this summer, so i guess you're wrong there Greg....
Hey Josh, I was catching up on yesterday's blog and noticed you discussing marijuana's chemically addictive nature (or its lack thereof), and since you're back on the subject now I thought I'd interject.... Marijuana is thought to be non-chemically addictive because of its lack of tangible withdrawl symptoms, and while this may be true, it doesn't really tell the whole story, and I thought I might take the discussion a step further. Weed seems to lack withdrawl symptoms because THC, its psycho-active ingredient, is fat-soluble. It's stored in the fattiest of the bodies' regions, the brain and the testicles (and my beer gut). Now, because of its fat-soluble-ness, it leaves the body s-l-o-w-l-y, sometimes upwards of a month, rendering the user unable to feel its exiting effects. Does this make it non-chemically addictive? Not so sure... Now this is in stark contrast to its counterparts (alcohol, coke, herion, meth, etc.) which are water-soluble and therefore leave the body in a hurry, causing strong feelings of pain, depression and overall discomfort. But I'm fairly sure that in a subtle way, the weed is a chemically addictive drug. Maybe that's why I'm heading to the den to take a toke. Cheers.
LMAO Greg.....that is some sic $hit!
Has anyone here considered that the twitters from Beazer are actually lines from a song? He coulda heard some new jam that he liked and spread some of the lyrics....i don't know, that stuff can mean just about anything. I'm not one to judge, I just want the mofo balling for the Heat.
Not only was it shortsighted, it was downright rude.
But the reality is, if the Heat's youngsters moderately improve, JO has a full offseason/season with Wade and Co., and Wade stays healthy, improving from a 5th to a 4th seed is not out of the realm of possibilities. In fact I'd say it's almost a certainty.
And who are u, the blog police? If the man wants to dream - let him dream. You act like being overly positive about your home team is something that'll kill you. Thank God for Ohshz, otherwise Dom would've homerized himself to death. Geesh.
Israel Gutieerez. in an email to me, did choose Q to start at the 3,, with Beasley coming off the bench at the 3 and 4. **** Now we can add Izzy to the growing list of dolts. Start Haslem over Beaz? I will not watch another Heat game in which Haslem starts over Beasley, and I have the word Heat in my last name. Go figure.
Eddieomaha is my chicken soup.
Riley pulled off another heist, and again people are disappointed. **** True....but what does it say about the signing of J Jones last year?
Yeah, unions are great. Not! There comes a time when someone is overpaid for what they do. That time is now, and the people are professional athletes.
Frosted Flakes still kick ass after all these years.
I think Flip Murray would be a fine addition to this team.