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Mouse Comma The
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Wow. Shades of Farscape all over again. I never thought I'd see that network do a show dirtier than they did Scape but I'd say this qualifies.
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2011 on Saying goodbye to Eureka at WWdN: In Exile
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Good advice. Well, except for the coffee/tea thing. It doesn't dehydrate you, contrary to popular belief. There was an article in Journal of the American College of Nutrition about it a few years back (found out about it on snopes if you're curious). Good old peer reviewed science; supporting my caffeine habit since 2000 (approx).
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Ha. You totally sent me that batman picture when I wrote asking for an autograph in the late 80s. I thought it was awesome because I was obsessed with the Keaton batman movies (still have a T shirt from then, it's old enough to by beer now) and you were my hollywood fangirl crush of the moment. Two great things that went great together, I thought. I still had it up until about two years ago when I freak plumbing accident forced me to throw out two whole boxes of oddball childhood memorabilia of a paper variety. There was a lot of cool stuff in that box. I has a sad. :(
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Bugger. I was at the Square that day with friends and their munchkins. I missed having a fan squee by all of about an hour. :(
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2010 on in which wil is live at seven at WWdN: In Exile
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But, but, without Facebook there is no I live for the hilarity on that site.
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Jun 3, 2010