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Kenny Mc
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You're a funny man. And I don't think your fat, just big boned. I thought Volvo was finished after they moved to China. Maybe I'm wrong.
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So, when Nathan says, "I measured it at nearly 5,400 feet elevation, so that’s a respectable time." that means... what? Do you know about high elevation and how it works with cars? These look like stock photos to me. They look just like the EX I tested last night. Maybe you need new glasses. You sound like those morons at Autobytell - right when it sank in the crapper. Hummm I wonder if there is a connection. Oh, you sent an email because your love of Kimchi. I get it. SAR305 is like a tall Woody Allen. You love and hate Korean cars like you love and hate yourself. Get a life SAR305
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Dec 9, 2010