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I think I need to have my eyes checked! Your are right! I have changed the article. Thanks so much.
Thanks for filling us in. From which country did your ancestors come?
A good point, Amanda. Looks like it is time to update this article. Until then, check this link: It has oodles of info about activities, including free use of canoes and kayaks!
What a great idea. They will remember this for a long time!
Toggle Commented May 20, 2011 on Things Are Happening Here at Pennsyltucky Update
It looks like we have a winner! See you at 7:45!
Corey, that is the correct answer! Will you be able to pick up the two tickets to "Servants of the Wind" at 7:45 p.m. at the Struthers Theatre tonight? You must be present to win!
OK. I took your advice. Got 5 primroses at Aldi's for 99c each. They look great! (see photos)
Right! Just describing the particular in order to reveal a bit about the general. Thanks for reading. I will hunt for more ways to do a better job.
October 10. Oak trees still have not turned color. Any day now!
That sounds about right, sometime soon after Columbus Day weekend?
If you drive up Longhouse Scenic Roadway (turn right in the eastbound lane just before you get to Morrison Bridge) you can camp at Dewdrop or Kiasutha campgrounds. There are plans in the future to have camping right at Kinzua Beach, see article: about how local people want to develop Kinzua Beach.
Great article. I had no idea. Is the stone house in the article at Chautauqua? Do you know the address--which street it is on? It looks familiar. Whose residence was this?
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2010 on Clement Studebaker's Summer Vacation at madd doodler
Thanks again for your comments, Judith. You might enjoy our local paper's closing editorial on this year's Rainbow Gathering at I found parts of it quite humorous. Although the newspaper has quite a reputation as being far right-wing, there are at least a couple of people on the staff that are more hip than you might expect.
Thanks for setting the record straight. A djembe is a lot different than a bongo. Guess we all have a lot to learn. Hope everyone enjoyed their stay in our neck of the woods!
Thanks for the link! You might also like these fun photos taken by a local clergyman at this link: ENJOY!
That last link does not work. Try this one for local news updates:
Thanks for the comments. I am trying to run updates from area news sources at Welcome to Pennsyltucky!
Thanks Karin! I enjoyed reading your blog at Any chance I could re-post your entries about the Rainbow Gathering to keep people around here informed with first-hand info? Let me know what you think. Thanks!
Thanks for the update, Karen. If you get any more news please fill us in. Thanks!
Editor's Note: The federal judge ruled in favor of the plaintiffs which probably means Marcellus Shale drillers may not need EPA approval.
Glad you enjoyed it! This area really is a gem in the rough and it is far, far away from the urban sprawl.
Thanks for the tip! Great photo!
You really had me going on this one!
thanks for a great foto, elissa!
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2010 on Predicting the Last Frost at Pennsyltucky Update
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Mar 15, 2010