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Hi Alex, On Sunday I was elected a Director of the OkShuswap NDP. As an NDP Director I plan to continue my advocacy for wild salmon. As a friend and supporter I will continue to write salmon songs for you, Anissa, Don and all your dedicated followers who stand up for wild salmon. I wanted your readers to know that Nathan Cullen has been standing up for salmon long before the Enbridge pipeline came to the attention of the media. In 2010 Nathan Cullen put a motion to the House of Commons to ban tanker traffic on the North Coast and it passed! (Before that, the tanker ban was a verbal agreement.) Nathan Cullen is the sitting MP for Skeena Bulkley Valley. He stands with First Nations and he is all about being collaborative. If Nathan is voted leader of the NDP he intends to hold public meetings in all Conservative ridings where each party can put forth their candidate. Then, together we choose the most likely candidate to win the seat. We will commit to voting for just that one candidate. In this way the most popular candidate will oust the sitting Conservative member. Elizabeth May supported Nathan's idea on twitter. There's not much time left to stop the destruction of our oceans, our planet and climate change. Maybe it's time to put party politics aside for the moment and work to turn back the looming disaster. I think everyone wants to see a new focus for Canada and the environment and as far as I can see Nathan Cullen's plan is winning strategy. This is the first time we have been offered a chance to put the planet before our personal political preference. This time we could win - BC could change the direction of our country. There is still time to sign up to vote for Nathan in the leadership race. I urge all of you to do this even if you return to your preferred party at some later date. "The people united will never be defeated" Thanks Alex
I was just thinking that the Homalco's legal action against Marinwe Harvest where the Judge ruled against the Homalco - that it might have played out differently if Marine Harvest had submitted information that has now been revealed in this Commission. Blaney et al v. British Columbia (The Minister of Agriculture Food and Fisheries) et al, 2005 BCSC 283 Date: 20050302 Between: Darren Blaney, Chief Councillor, Florence Hackett, Bonnie Wilson, Clyde Leo, Bill Blaney, Band Councillors, suing on their own behalf and on behalf of all the members of the Homalco Indian Band, and the Homalco Indian Band" "29] The parties have submitted voluminous affidavits including opinions of various scientists to support their positions." and "A mandatory injunction can only be granted where the plaintiff shows a very strong probability upon the facts that grave damage will accrue to him in the future.... It is a jurisdiction to be exercised sparingly and with caution but in the proper case unhesitatingly." I was just thinking that the Homalco might want to have this matter reviewed.
Toggle Commented Dec 24, 2011 on Commerce vs Wild Salmon at alexandra morton
100,000 - we sing for the sea - (the song takes 4 seconds to load)
Hey Alex - Thanks for your fish farm information but I see that you have a bully blogger on your site and I think it's important to name and shame bullies where ever they pop up. You can tell he is a bully because he changes your topic - testimony by the incompetent DFO scientist (Mr. Beamish) to talk about you. Steve rags on about your work Alex (which means that your attention to this issue put a thorn in his bike tire) but he has no intention of looking at the information you invited me/us to read. If you didn't invite Mr Steve to comment on your blog - just kick back his comment and tell him to stay on topic. Bully bloggers are like parasites - it's likely that Steve gets paid to occupy space on your blog. Personally, I wouldn't let him post anything anymore - even if he had something of interest - I read his other posts and not one of them contributes a shed of relevant information. He is a rude. If you want me to read your blog - please exercise your editorial right to reject irrelevant comments and let him pay for his own blog. I won't accept bullying - nor should you - learn to recognize the bully - when you reject his bully stuff - you watch - he will accuse you of what he is doing - so who cares? let him accuse all he wants - we all know what he's up to - you can see his bullyness in every single post. I will not be a bystander to bullying - I will not normalize bullying,
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2011 on Why Did Dick Do This? at alexandra morton
Get your own blog Mr.Fish Farm Steve No Name (coward)!! We all know how much you love sea lice and how you love the fish farms and we know you are trying to make us think about something other than the nonsense uttered by Mr. DFO Beamish when he wanted to promote the fish farms. Well perhaps you and your fish farms should be aware that forced starvation is an International Crime against Humanity. After reading Mr.Beamish's testimony I think the UN ought to look at the actions of Mr Beamish from DFO since I know that First Nation's people were starving for lack of fish in 2009. If DFO is accused of forcing starvation on the First Nations people in BC by using DFO junk science to defend the Fish Farms - perhaps the fish farms are complicit in that crime? I don't want an answer - my comment stands alone. I first found out about the lost 2009 salmon return when I heard that people in BC were starving without salmon - that's true - I heard it on CBC - I got people to donate cans of salmon to help them out - I am rightly pissed off at DFO and Mr fish farm bully Steve - this is a serious matter.
Toggle Commented Jul 22, 2011 on Why Did Dick Do This? at alexandra morton
"Twelve months into their ongoing ISAV pandemic, Chile got serious and passed the very strict ISAV resolution #2638 to try and contain the virus." and you asked: "Why would Canada sit here with the door propped open?" If the wild fish are gone - competition for farmed salmon is gone too.
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2011 on Who Left the Door Open? at alexandra morton
Dear Steve, When you accuse Alexandra Morton of "conspiracy theories" or lambaste her for standing up for salmon - you really have no credibility. Only people with a weak argument rely on words like hysterical or phrases like "the truth is..." Dr. Richards requires Alex Morton's coaching because Dr.Richards should be standing up for wild salmon before she does anything else... Wild salmon are the legal priority in Canada and any possible threat to wild salmon ought to have been examined by her - long before now. If, as you say Dr.Hinch has been researching for 12 years and if Dr.Hinch hasn't had information from the salmon farms - what does that say? It does seem that Dr.Hinch is not informed either. I might have missed it but I didn't see Ms Morton make any claim that she represented you. So why did you remind her that she didn't represent you (Jan 30, 2011)?? Are you that important that I should read your rude comments on her blog? Who are you anyway? Steve who? Why do you feel entitled to make assumptions and voice your opinions as though they are something important - they aren't and you aren't important to me or thousands of other people who believe they are represented by Alex Morton. I would know nothing about wild salmon if Alex Morton wasn't working on behalf of wild salmon - for simple people like me who love salmon and want our wild salmon to survive - Alexandra Morton represents me and thousands of other people in BC and around the world - one or two rude people who don't want her representation don't have to be represented - we are quite happy if you don't have her representing you - your position doesn't really matter to the rest of us. It feels really good to stand up for Alex Morton - and really good to tell you that I don't realy care what you think - you are not credible. Sincerely, Priscilla Judd
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