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Michael Contois
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I've got to tell you I found this blog while i was at work tonight and couldn't stop reading!!! I grew up watching Star Trek TNG (along with all other Trek franchises...) and always like your part in the show, especially when Wes moved past the akward younger teen years. Hadn't really heard much about your career since then (Sorry that sounds harsh) but by some fluke I was browsing movie news on IMDB and happened to find my way to your page via Jerry O'Connells bio. I pasted the link to your website and spent the next two hours reading probably your last 4 months worth of entries. It's so awesome to read about someone who's so passionate about things that I am. So cut to the chase, I texted my wife and told her that I'm gonna be getting tickets to Wootstock in Portland...I had to tell her it's a geek thing and that's all she needs to know. Needless to say, you have one more fan and I'll see you in May!
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Feb 18, 2010