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You seem to be approaching critical mass on a pile of evil dice. Will it eventually collapse in on itself and become some kind of singularity die? And what would happen if you rolled it?
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Despite the terrifying clown sweater *suppresses fear of clowns*, the cover is sheer awesome. The lupus support is even more awesomer. Sitting awake at 4am with angry joints and angrier lungs, it is really touching to see that people I won't ever know are chipping in to help find a cure. It is a debilitating disease that doesn't get a lot of attention usually,so this means a lot. Thank you.
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I always assumed the poufy, shiny hair was a way to keep people's eyes focused north of those uncomfortably tight jumpsuits everyone wore in the first few seasons.
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It's the symmetrically extended pinkies that really make that picture the sauce of awesome.
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Sep 14, 2010