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Corazónroto Corazónpartido
Recent Activity The President and Congress really screwed the unemployed by watering down the benefits too early, so the Ui numbers and rate LOOK GOOD before the election this Fall. It is no coincidence that the numbers keep dropping and are designed to do so to make it look like a neat little resolved "problem" that wrapped up just as Mr. Hope and Change finishes out the term. This works well because people have RUN OUT of AID and are no longer counted, as unemployed even though they are out of work, The BLS does not count you as UNEMPLOYED, if you are a "discouraged worker". Really? Put that information together with the published DOL ERRORS in EUC08 Implementation, that force claimants to serve out older and terminated EUC Accounts until full exhaustion before being "allowed" to be eligible for the most recent benefit years claim, and you can see that the Feds are really doing a number on the people suffering the most from the global economic mess THEY CREATED. This is why I started this page to try to EXPOSE the ERRORS that the US Government is using to harm and control the unemployed while subverting the Recovery Act to make sure Struggling Workers and Families get LESS ARRA MONEY than they are owed by LAW.The Evidence PROVING this is found here,based on an appeal case I won that exposed this problem:
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May 30, 2012