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Wheaton fan 25
Die hard Wil-Wheaton fan, loves to spend time with my wife and amazing son
Interests: Writing Books, Comedy, Wil Wheaton books and movies, coaching
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Your dog TORE UP that tootsie roll WOW!
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Jul 17, 2011
First things first. People only enjoy certain famous people because of the way they look, sing, or whatever it may be. Like Justin Bieber for instance. Most people, particulary girls just like him for his looks, even if he may be a jerk. They dont care. But when people like you go to play rockband in front of people ( i think this was at comicon not sure though ), it really makes alot of different people happy. It also encourages us geeks to keep on going because when we look at you we say, "hey that guy is famous but hes not a jerk, hes a geek like us, we get motivation from that. Ive seen you on interviews on radio stations, and i cant think of another celebrity that would spend his or her time to gladly talk to us people. Writing on your blog keeps us fans of your work really up to date. All i can say now is, thank you, Wil Wheaton!
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"Who else are we having on the show? How about Josh Kaygan? Wil- Im sorry who?" -w00tstock. Laughed so hard at this show saw you at Coronet in Los Angeles. And then reading about the cat made my day! Hoping to see you again with my son, hopefully at another show. Not sure when or where the next one will be, been looking all over the web to see your schedule but cant find it anywhere. Me and my wife both have been LONG time fans of your movies and shows, and now books. Wanting to get your autograph for my son beore his 8th birthday in August from you, for I too think hes becoming a Wil Wheaton fan. Best of luck to you in the future!
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Jul 5, 2011