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Oh cool, mine got an honorable mention. Neat! All the other captions were really funny too. Bluekakke had me DYING laughing, haha.
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I call the big one Bitey.
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Also, in regards to anime, like I said before the first anime I ever watched was Dragon Ball Z and, after that, I got really into Tenchi Muyo, Ruroni Kenshen, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and of course the movie Akira. I still enjoy anime a lot and I owe it all to just catching DragonBall Z one day on Toonami after school when they were running a marathon, expecting to see an episode of Reboot (which isn't anime, but a show which is criminally underrated). Good times.
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Man, this takes me back. My first anime personally was DragonBall Z, watching it on Toonami. I'm only 20 years old, so I was around when the internet started making finding anime and TV shows on VHS irrelevant. But we went without the internet for a long time when I grew up and I recorded pretty much EVERYTHING on VHS. I must have like...a thousand recorded tapes in storage now that has everything from old recorded episodes of the Simpsons, old saturday morning cartoon shows forgotten by pretty much everyone except me, tons of period commercials intact, and so on, including old episodes of anime on Toonami and the early days of Adult Swim. So all these comments about VHS tapes and finding second hand copies of videos sort of gets me a little nostalgic. I was just a kid at the time so I never really had the opportunity to get VHS tapes of recorded anime at cons (although I did once find a VHS copy of several episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion at one point from Goodwill or something when I was about 10, which blew my mind at the time). I'm sort of glad Youtube is around now, since it gives a ton more people the opportunity to look at old shows, commercials, and videos that would only have been seen by people who were trading VHS tapes or something in the nineties. Still, even though pretty much everything I recorded on VHS is now available on DVD or easily accessed through the internet, this post makes me wish I still had a VHS player so I could pop in some of those old, unlabeled blank tapes (since I had a horrible habit of never labeling anything as a kid) to see what kind of old crap is on there...
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Feb 4, 2010