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THE OPPORTUNITIES ARE ONLY IS NECESSARY TO KNOW HOW TO BE USEFUL THEM. Known by that they know us, of ours it preaches constant, per moments tedious, of the exceptional values whereupon it tells to ALL THE DEPARTMENT OF COLONY, emphasizing on way to the Old Colony of the Santsimo Sacrament. Unique city Historical Patrimony of the Humanity, within Uruguay. A WONDER THAT FILLS TO US OF PRIDE, THE SAME THAT WAKES UP ADMIRATION AND PERPLEXITY IN ALMOST THE TOTALITY OF THE VISITORS CROSS WHO IT, OR THEY TRY TO DO IT. Known it is also, that by our activity of guide of historical-cultural tourism, dedicated full-Time to cross it, or with tourists only worldwide, it allows and it gives us right, (we are the firing line with them) to think mainly what WE SEE AND WE LIVED On a daily basis, WITHIN HISTORICAL COLOGNE. Jeff Feig addresses the importance of the matter here. NOT TO BE all the day in a writing-desk, to walk and to see, to share hours with the visitors, to listen to its desires, their needs, their doubts and annoyances several, the urgency of elementary services, the deficiencies and neglect with respect to information and reclamations by abuses and/or I mistreat, plus without I number of situations per exasperating moments and until ridiculous that they happen every day, GIVES AUTHORITY US LIKE FOR BEING ABLE TO THINK. VERY WELL WHAT I SAY AND I WRITE. I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY PUBLICLY OF MY SAID AND I DO NOT HAVE ANY INTENTION TO GENERATE POLEMIC. It is the necessity to transmit what all the involved we know, we spoke between, we see us daily and that for being too evident I believed that he is hereditary or inevitable. AND IT DOES NOT HAVE THUS TO BE! A city... Continue reading
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Research for ' ' Project SUESC Reciclar 2008' ' 1.Onde is located the main lixeira of the SUESC? The size of the lixeira one holds the garbage demand produced for the pupils and employees? Which the size of the lixeira? In the subsoil, where also the garage functions. Yes. The room measures 4,45m X 4,60m. + twelve meters. 2.Qual its state of conservation? Good, it is kept clean and with low volume of garbage, it is not left to accumulate. 3.A SUESC costuma to separate its garbage? In the case of the SUESC not; but the company I CONSERVE, terceirizada, separates the cardboard of the too much dejections. 4.Se affirmative, where places the separate garbage? It is placed in the proper dependence of the lixeira (room). employee 5.Quantos are in charge of the cleanness it building? Are 12 employees, distributed in the three existing turns: morning, and late nocturnal. 6.Existe somebody responsible thing for the separation of the garbage? In the only case of separation (cardboard), yes. They are the proper employees of the terceirizada company who collect the garbage and they separate that it in the lixeira. 7.Qual the company who collects the garbage and the regularity of this collect? COLUMRB, daily of 2 to 6 fair in the schedule between 20h and 21h30min. 8.Quando it does not pass to the collect, which the procedure adopted for the SUESC? In the case of not collect, the garbage returns the internal lixeira from the building. 9.Existe in the building, adjusted space to keep the materials you recycle? presses? Where this press is installed, in affirmative case? Yes. In the room where he is collected the garbage, a compactador exists, that functions with sealed up bags special the meter being in the extremities. 10.A SUESC would like to recycle its garbage... Continue reading
Posted Aug 17, 2016 at Corp and Securities Law Blog
Alfred Hitchcock, that one man who knew everything of the cinema, advised to the aspirings to directors whom never worked with children, neither with dogs, nor with Charles Laughton. I imagine that to the dogs it directs his trainer to them. Its aversion towards Laughton I suppose that it was a problem of extraordinary egos between two fat men, ugly and brilliant. In addition, Laughton demonstrated behind the camera in wonderful the night of the hunter who could count so distressing and strange histories as those of his countryman. With respect to his aversion to direct creatures, it is necessary to thank for many directors who did not take in serious their warning. Of it to have followed they would have prevailed to us of some of the most stirring moments of the history of the cinema. We would not have known of the existence of Jackie Coogan in the boy, that one precious golfillo that moaned heartbroken when the police tried to separate it of Charlot, of the man whom it had adopted to him. Also the grace and the enchantment of Tatum O' would have deprived us of; Neal in Moon of paper, the mysterious eyes of Ana Torrent in the spirit of beehive, the desarmante self-confidence of Drew Barrymore in E.T., the extraterrestrial one, the enthusiastic initial shouts of Abigail Breslin and its subversive final dance in Small Miss Sunshine, the innocence and the astonishment of Anna Paquin in the piano, the maquiavelismo and the capacity for the lie of the Wind children in the candles, the epic and painful survival of Christian Bale in the empire of the sun, the rustic and adorable daughter of lawyer Atticus Finch in Killing a ruiseor. We would not have enjoyed the precocious and immense talent of Jodie Foster and... Continue reading
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Any little kid, playing in any game, can not live like a single human life, and a certain amount. And any child's play, in principle, represents an individual human life. At the same time it should be noted that this ambiguity can in any case, do a reality baby much more multifaceted and diverse. And yet, getting older, every one of us is gradually becoming aware that human life we are given only one single and no longer wishes to play a role-playing games. While the desire to continue the role-playing game remained even in older age, any one of us. Frankly, it is this way could appear on the virtual horizon multifaceted role-playing game sims, which was able to conquer not only children and adolescents, but also the older generation. Indeed, in the sims is likely get its own cottage, a large family, and really be able to survive not only human life, let alone at least a couple. And yet the very beginning of his victorious march to the pc a globe sims game was not open to everyone. Everything was different when found and the sims 3 Download was possible on specific portals on the Internet. Today there is no need to seek out a particular game on the supermarkets with the discs. You can just go to the site - and pick up just this kind of a game that you personally like best. So much so that sims is permissible to play not only parents but also children, in this case - though the whole family. Selecting the actors, creating for them the most prosperous living space for action, you'll be able to enjoy a colorful and quite strongly resembling the reality computer game. Because of the role-play involves not only the physical characteristics of... Continue reading
Posted Jul 23, 2016 at Corp and Securities Law Blog
" Among Mexican companies that have gone shopping in Brazil, Grupo Casa Saba (), Mexico's biggest drugmaker, acquired the pharmacy chain and Perfumaria Drogasmil Drugs in U.S. $ 115 million. Manuel Saba writes: "Consolidating Brazil and better understand the markets we compete in other countries ... We're going to buy when we see something beautiful." The group plans to buy other companies in Brazil and also looks at other possibilities in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru. The petrochemical group Mexichem (BMV: MEXCHEM), is another Mexican companies that were shopping in Brazil and has already closed two transactions in the country, a deal on 20 June, with Fiberweb PLC to acquire Industria e Comercio Nao Bidim-Tecidos. Its subsidiary Amanco Brasil (acquired in 2007) purchased 70% of the company DVG and Commerce Limited. Other Mexican companies shopping in Brazil, Grupo Bimbo (BMV: BIMBO), reached an agreement to acquire 75% of the bakery foods Nutrella last May. Already in 2007 had completed the acquisition of the Brazilian bakery Panificio Laura. One may ask here: Why did the Brazilian market is attractive to Mexican companies? First, with a population exceeding 180 million inhabitants, the Brazilian market is a big attraction for Mexican businesses looking to expand. This market is even more attractive when you consider that the purchasing power of the population is in sharp improvement. The strong growth and is showing strength that Brazil's economy and projections and they do provide evidence that this country confirm their role as "locomotive" for the growth of the economies of the region, are other reasons that make businesses want to invest there. Mexican companies are in Brazil a growing capital market. The maturity that has the Brazilian stock market, where last year, opened the bag another 64 companies, also plays for Brazil as an attractive country... Continue reading
Posted Jul 21, 2016 at Corp and Securities Law Blog
a Thus saith the Lord unto the foolish prophets AAY, walking after their own spirit and have seen nothing! a Like foxes in the deserts were your prophets, O Israel. a You have not uploaded to the gaps, or have built a wall around the house of Israel, to stand in the battle on the day of the Lord. a saw vanity and lying divination. They say: He says the LORD, and the Lord did not send them, yet they expect him to confirm the word of them. a Have you not seen false visions and lying divination that have not, as you say, the LORD said, I having not spoken? Therefore thus saith the Lord: for ye have spoken vanity and seen lies, therefore, behold, I am against you, saith the Lord. a Will my hand against the prophets that see vanity and divine lies; not be in the congregation of my people, will not be written in the book of the house of Israel, or the land of Israel, and know that I am the Lord Lord. a Yes, how misled my people, saying Peace, there is no peace, and one was building the wall, and behold, the others covered them with whitewash, gave coaters loose mud, which will fall, come rain, and I will send hailstones, shall fall, and a stormy wind break. a And now when the wall has fallen, Do not you say?: Where is the embarradura with that cover? a Therefore thus saith the Lord: I will make a stormy wind break with my anger, and torrential rain will come in my fury, and hailstones to consume angrily. Continue reading
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Many schools contract people to teach to computation to its pupils, many times tie because of the cost, being that unprepared people for this practical, can delay the intellectual development dissent of them, the same ones will have great damages when they will be to construct its life, and most worse it is difficulty to arrange a place to work, since it did not learn the sufficient in the school. 2.1. The necessity of the formation of the professor All necessary professor of an adjusted professional formation for the necessities of education, mainly if this will be to teach computation, as already previously he was said, for disciplines to be only of support the other substances, the same one was adopted the little time, having become a little difficult to have a professional of this area working in the schools, since the first professionals had practically finished to leave the universities, this type of person can act in the part of the docncia as well as not only can work in the area of creation of educational programs come back toward the education area, by the way one of its instruments of work is a machine that with certainty are modifying the world brusquely, for not being a so trivial instrument, that is of high complexity, therefore that these professionals make mestrados, specialization courses among others. This so huge instrument is called computer, device capable to make any thing in the virtual area, instrument that becomes a common lesson in a much more interactive lesson, pleasant and interesting, three things that are primordial for a lesson of auto level of high understanding. Pois' ' the possibility of use of the computer as educational tool is growing and the limits of this expansion are desconhecidos' ' (BRAVE, 1993:01). If this professional... Continue reading
Posted Jun 18, 2016 at Corp and Securities Law Blog
Much attention is paid developers maz environmental products, which is considered a major criterion of quality in Europe. Their products maz presents widely at various exhibitions which take place outside Belarus. List of maz manufactured products is quite wide. Motor-vehicles maz includes a wide range of popular vehicles: medium and flatbed car, truck tractors and dump trucks. At the maz manufactured automobile and fuel mixers, cement trucks, cranes, truck mounted cranes, semi-trailers and food tanks. If there is a need to buy technique of Minsk Automobile Plant is not necessarily a lump sum payment of the entire amount. In addition to various forms of credit, provides a very convenient way of leasing. Leasing allows you to rent a car Maz a period of 6 months to 15 years. Plus, these schemes are many. Firstly, there is a possibility from time to time to replace an aging vehicles, entering into an agreement to lease more modern cars. Second, the lease payments can be attributed to production costs, which makes it possible to reduce tax payments. Thirdly, there is washed away to spend available capital to acquire equipment, given the opportunity to use the borrowed means. Generally, depreciation and fixed assets involved in the lessor, which allows to simplify accounting. Minsk Automobile Plant produces competitive and proven product, ensuring that it is convenient servicing, which is conducive to the widespread dissemination of the Minsk Automobile vehicles in the markets of the Commonwealth of Independent States and beyond its borders. Continue reading
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Very often, the Japanese auto auctions meet European and amerikanskiemashiny. Moreover, there are both left-handed versions, imported into Japan from Europe and America, and the right-hand drive, made specifically for Japanese plants market. machine is no less right-hand drive, so the cost to buy it are unlikely to be less than if you drove it directly from Europe. However, it should consider the fact that European and American cars from Japan, have a technical condition better than their counterparts in service at home. Japanese car owners are very careful as to their Japanese cars and to the European one, and usually contain their cars in excellent condition, and Japanese laws do not allow include the car in poor condition. Therefore, if you do not save on the purchase of European or American cars in Japan, for the same money car in the best condition, than if bought in Europe or the usa. This article is not supported by any statistics either, and is more of a personal observation. Cars from Japan Continue reading
Posted Mar 23, 2016 at Corp and Securities Law Blog
Unusual in the usual Nothing is more familiar and undetectable in human life than that on which to walk your feet - the floor. Only when faced with the repair and the need to choose what exactly to put my feet where surely have to spend a lot of time, whether home or working space, not bound to work with interior trim man discovers that it's a totally new and unknown world, and that tile linoleum flooring or, at worst, lining it is not limited to, the floors, it appears, are not only common, but false. Sounds a bit strange, but the fact remains that these same false floor (their other name - raised, suspended, or simply false floors) are indeed in some limbo: simply put, they do not touch the ground, which was supposed to put the flooring or linoleum, and laid over a special metal and convenience karkasa.Praktichnost How installing suspended floors? In the first place with dowels or glue on cement base set of support - the so-called console, whose height is adjustable (and hence, the future sex can be perfectly aligned relatively easy and fast way). These are fixed crosshead, which will be located and tiles: first DSP, and on top - the main cover. In recent months, Jean Luc Picard has been very successful. Another option would be laying panels directly on the console, without the use of cross-ties - in this case, the first console to sit down with a screw wide and flat head. The resulting space between the foundation and floor can be filled directly what you want - for example, this is where to place heating, ventilation pipes, cables or other means of communication. They will be completely invisible, although access to them, if necessary, will be quick and easy: it... Continue reading
Posted Mar 19, 2016 at Corp and Securities Law Blog
Any of us at least once in a lifetime occasion to use the services of the airline. Then a natural question arises: where less expensive ticket? Options could be considered a lot - starting with sales offices and ending buy tickets near the carrier. Booking a ticket can, even without leaving home through the Internet or telephone. But the main question that you are concerned about: where you can book your air tickets at the lowest price? The cost can vary up to 40%. Let's think about it? Good buy tickets at special prices. Is there a trick here? Typically, the low price means a lot of inconveniences and restrictions, none of which you had failed to notify. First of all, bought at a special price ticket, you can not pass or even just change the date of departure, if you have any unexpected problems after the award of the ticket date of return (which, like the departure date is fixed). That is, it turns out that in some way you run the risk of money paid for the ticket ... But if the special value is very different from the ordinary, but you need to urgently take off, the risk of this can be acquitted. In addition, the same service at the airport and does not depend on the value of the purchased ticket. Another is to consider that at a special price tickets are sold only 'economy' class. Therefore, If you are accustomed to posh service during the trip, then you this option will not work. Before you decide to buy a ticket at a special price - carefully weigh the pros and cons. In Moscow, the most you can order tickets different airlines 'Transaero', 'Russia', 'Aeroflot', etc. To learn about special pricing, discounts, dates of departure and... Continue reading
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The new notebook has twice the performance as the previous generation. Lion interface has features similar to the iPhone and iPad. The company also announces a new high-definition monitor. This Wednesday it was full of premieres for Apple, which launched a revamped version of MacBook Air; the eighth version of the operating system OS X, Lion; and a renewal of Mac mini, and also announced the placing on the market of a high definition monitor, according to informed the company. The new MacBook Air has last generation processors, input/output Thunderbolt - for connecting high-speed peripherals such as screens in high definition, a keyboard-backlit and the Lion version of Apple's operating system. This new portable, available already for web purchases and beginning this Thursday, at stores from 949 euros, has up to twice the performance than the previous generation and account with flash storage, which allows for a faster startup. Available in 11 and 13 inch models, with a weight between 1 and 1.34 kg, and thanks to a compact design, measures just 0.28 centimeters in the narrowest part and 1.72 inches at the widest. Multi-Touch also was released the new version of the OS X operating system, with more than 250 new features which you can download from the App Store for 23.99 euros on Wednesday. The news of Lion among applications to full screen, a new application for sending mails and the new multi-touch gestures, the same interface using devices like iPhone or iPad, which allows touching or pinching with your fingers to zoom in an image or web page or slide to the right or left to turn the page. The new software will be available for free to customers who have purchased a valid computer with the new version from 6 June. A single cable is not... Continue reading
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Your income has increased dramatically? What is and what not to do it now. Our time - a time of great opportunity. Including the cash! Right now, a growing number of citizens of our country dramatically increased revenues. However, I can judge this only subjectively, in my inner circle. Yes, the money people have become more. The money, if handled not know how, people have been known to spoil. And enough wealthy people complain about the lack of money, in my opinion, as often as poor. Even the examples will not lead, we all know about people from your life experience. So: you have a new job, new job, new ... In general, money you can spend suddenly became much greater. Much more! But how? That this question is usually that bewilders a happy man, at whose head only difference between the old (that was until recently) and new (which is now) income. Costs that he is doing now, blinded by the new opportunities, virtually ignored. And after a while again not enough money. Or only enough for bare necessities. However, now it is "necessary" is much more expensive. New habits become drained and needs the addition of income. Or more. It happens. Exceptions certainly exist, but they only confirm the rule. So let yourself become such an exception! So, what do you do if Your income suddenly increased significantly? It is necessary to observe a few simple rules. 1. Accounting, planning and control. They are always necessary, but in a situation of huge increase in revenues - in particular. Continue reading
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Are you facing a difficult time in your life? Do you feel like a fish out of water? If today was a fish, would you like to pull back into the river? If this is your situation, no negative destructive decisions. Be patient. We know that time can perform many miracles. Faster than a New York minute! I will. But unfortunately, every time you have moved so fast it went from wealth to poverty. Indeed, patience is one of the main ingredients that lead to continued success. You have to develop patience if you will be successful in treating problems of life. Patience is not a popular subject for us, "I want it now" microwave society. Patience conjures up all kinds of thoughts like "I could not do it," I could take a long time, "" I forgot it "even worse. Aah, but patience is an important factor in making our dreams. As I have thought a lot of patience in my own life, here is what I found. To see if this pattern seems familiar. Sometimes I get what I want immediately. Sometimes I get what I want days, weeks, months, even years later. Sometimes not getting what you want, but what is really needed much later. Sometimes not getting what you wanted, or needed, but did what was best for me, much later. Rome Was not A Day! Well, every time I get what I want right away, I'm a little taken back by it. Continue reading
Posted May 26, 2014 at Corp and Securities Law Blog
If you translate a word from the French jalousie, it is interpreted as follows: 'Mnogostvorchatye curtains or blinds may consist of mobile or fixed plates are installed in homes across the window, a door or grating of searchlights. Main objective of the change of light or air flow in the right place. " The structure of the blinds is the following: - the presence of the cornice, which differs significantly from the eaves for fixing curtains. Curtain blinds are equipped with special anchorages, which are formed under a certain type of blinds. - One must have support for mounting of the cornice, it is called bracket - the surface of the curtains are special strips - fins, which are to be made of cloth, metal or plastic - generic side mechanism allows you to efficiently operate blinds - decor element - a control circuit, turning the slats - the rope that lets you open, pushing the blinds - some runners and clips that attach the blinds to the eaves - the separator is between each stripe blinds, which prevents the confusing and too close to each other shutters - security shutters are equipped with vertical small weight, which aggravates the lamellae and aligns them. Blinds are different in structure and appearance. The first difference - it's a way to mount blades, another difference of location type lamellae. There are vertical and horizontal blinds. Horizontal blinds - this is a very successful design solution for window decorations in the office or in the kitchen at home. Horizontal blinds can be aluminum, wood or plastic. Plastic began to enjoy the greatest popularity, because they differ a transparent texture. Horizontal blinds can be cleaned or a soft cloth or brush. At the time of cleaning blinds should be closed. Very Dirty blinds need... Continue reading
Posted May 20, 2014 at Corp and Securities Law Blog
Although there are so many exciting benefits associated with being owner of a business based on the home and to work from house, many people choose not to take this way to gain the life. One of the reasons that the people who choose to work for another person instead of to work for themselves are the knowledge that can be waited for a pay with a specific amount, in a while determined. When the people to make this decision are really the limitation of themselves. Work from house offers many financial benefits nails, the one of them opportunity to make money when you are not in the work. Generally, manpower can be deceived to believe another thing, but the key to maximize its potential of gains is to find a way to make more money do less. If you work more for somebody than of work they are probably more difficult and more often in an attempt to leave ahead and to make dollars greater. A business based on the home is an operation with a great flexibility and a financial reward. amount of effort that to present/display and the amount of money that wins is not always one-to-one. As proprietor of a business based on the home you have the unique opportunity to increase his potential of gain, whereas less than work. The Internet has made that people possible who work from house to even make money when they are slept. The Internet makes that the owners of businesses possible to connect itself anywhere in the world to thousands of million people. A benefit addition of this potential business is the fact that you do not have to be wide-awake whereas its business is to make money. In his first days, the Internet was full of security holes... Continue reading
Posted May 19, 2014 at Corp and Securities Law Blog
For example, a combination of different color tiles, "Diamond," you can get from 10 to 20 different layouts, including the drawings will be the effect of volume. The main thing - do not be afraid experiments. In the end, take several different forms just to check - like or not like it. Combining the different and seemingly incompatible forms, you can get pictures with windows between the tiles, a that will grow grass or to impose a range of beautifully well or lawn. Choosing the appropriate form, continue to buy cement and fillers for concrete. Cement for paving tiles fit any, even though better use at least 400 marks, and it is very desirable, though not necessarily, without any additives (in the marking are symbols D0, such as PC-400 D0 or D0 PC-500). Blended cement making finished products are darker and causes unsightly dark spots on a hot plate. For a small independent production with no belt and the drying chamber, it is inappropriate to use expensive and high-quality cement. They, of course, produce finished products faster and the tiles will be stronger. But if there is no time limit, the normal period of exposure in the form of concrete - two days, although it is possible and more, especially at low temperatures. As a filler for concrete, we recommend the use of fine gravel, granite screenings, clayless river sand, marble dust, waste rock production (diameter of 2-3 cm) - in general, any solid inert material that does not contain the free form of acid, lime, dyes. Without additives Concrete - plasticizers - too difficult to manage. First, they increase the mobility of the concrete mix. With a minimum of equipment is very important - you can be sure that the concrete will take all the necessary volume to fill... Continue reading
Posted May 7, 2014 at Corp and Securities Law Blog
Already the Good town Garden grew quickly due to the constants migrations of farmers who walked there behind the bushes destroying them for the construction of temporary farmings. Good Garden was the producing greater of rice in the region ' ' true garimpo' ' thus attracting migrantes deriving of the Cear Piau and other regions (fugitive of it dries) and of the proper Maranho. The town received initially the name from center of the Z Peter, in homage to its founder. Later, for presenting great amounts of wood darco and cedar with sufficient flowers; reason for which its inhabitants had started to call it Beautiful Garden; after that which had the place to present aprazvel, alone climate fertile and varied qualities of native fruits, such as tuturub, bacuri, coroat, (Croatian), cacao, sleeve, etc? Then Mr. Jose Peter decided that the name of the town would not be Beautiful Garden nor Center Jose Peter. As he came prevailing, considering that the place was not alone of it, and yes of all, but that the name would be definitively Good Garden. The place was ' ' good and jardim' seemed one; '. They had associated then the two words appearing Good Garden that is its current name. At the time of Good Garden town, before exactly of the construction of BR 316, the baixo that if it locates enters the rank of Nildo and Municipal Hospital existed a wooden bridge of plates? for where the inhabitants of Good Garden transited of high Jose Peter to the high one of the Prachedes. Mr. Jose Peter Vasconcelos is had as first administrator of the town. This if gave in function of that all how many in it arrived, looked for? in the one to request a place to construct its residences to it. It... Continue reading
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Make sure that the chalk line crosses the first working line at an angle of 90 . Place the number of parquet boards from the center point to one wall, connecting ridges and grooves. If the last panel should be cut by more than half, move the line back on half tile. This will equalize notches on opposite walls. When laying parquet boards in the hallway or corridor Use the following method. Repel a chalk line on the basis of the mid-point of the two end walls. Lay flooring dry on the line to one of the walls, if necessary, move the line to avoid clipping tiles more than half the width, as explained above. Trowel, apply a sufficient amount of glue under the 3.1 initial shield. Spread a thin layer of adhesive V-shaped scraper, keeping it at an angle of 45 . Clean the grooves of each parquet board, before I install it. Put a shield on the glue so that one of its corners coincide with the intersecting chalk lines. Hold the shield on the glue. Continue laying boards, urging ridges in grooves. Line up the shields tapping on them a rubber mallet or hammer through the conventional soft liner. Some difficulties usually causes reupload parquet boards near the wall. If you want to trim the boards, put the tile on the last fixed number, aligning their edges. Place a third board on top to one side of it rested against the bar attached to the wall thickness of 50 mm. Mark a line on the opposite side. Cut the stacked shield on the line. Check to keep the film does not interfere with the joint, if necessary, remove it. For the fitting of the shield in the corner mark cut line on the panel along one of... Continue reading
Posted Apr 24, 2014 at Corp and Securities Law Blog
In this way humans works like these steam engines that reach internal boiling and channeled that tremendous energy to a precise point, one that generates a vital, giant, powerful movement. In man the boiling is achieved through the emotions, but the control allows that that force is directed to a precise point and from there move machinery that thought has created to act according to the objectives. If this internal steam is not controlled, then comes from either side, does not move anything in particular, you can burn all around and ends up finding victim in its own creator. 5 Fruits that holds for the hike are achieved by adding to the self-control, patience. The best definition that exists for Patience is peace of mind to wait. However, there are many things more difficult than this? One thing is of course, wait, but a very different one is doing so with peace of mind. This is only possible in the serenity of spirit that gives faith, security be doing the right thing, the confidence of knowing what you are doing and the calmness that gives a sound control over the emotions. Patience is probably one of the values found at greater risk of extinction in modern times. Today we pride us make gala of the haste of the practicality of agility. The children are trained in a culture that exalts the temptation and prepended to the wisdom of the simple and the simple. The dynamics of the environment governed by a maelstrom of events that unfold at the speed of light, we become reactive beings who already have little possibility to assert their own times. Mafalda, this beautiful drawing character called for to stop the world because I want to get off Imagine then most unfavourable conditions to appeal to... Continue reading
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These car lifts are marketed so mechanical client or workshop, develop a work of repair without limitations on workspaces. Normally, a lift from two columns or lift bridge is almost indispensable today when working on the bottoms of a car, because it is the unique elevator which will leave manipulate any piece by different be your situation. Two-column elevators, are composed of a structure divided into two groups: fixed part, this this is understood in two columns, each of them serves to guide throughout his career ascending or descending, and which normally exploit to install a series of extras such as their security locks. Part mobile phone, this is the Parthian elevator key, is that carrying arms or legs during all tours. This is divided into two groups: static group, is that transports all the elements while it is in motion, normally are arms, fasteners, rubber linings protectors among others. Group Dynamic, these are they who are ordinarily called arms or legs, which adjust each at an angle of 180 degrees of rotation and extension. Each two columns elevator has four arms in total or column consists of two arms, in order to place each part front and back to its corresponding side. 5A. do symmetric or asymmetric elevator? Symmetric difference of these is basically the peculiarity, that symmetric elevator has 4 arms alike, the same measures in collecting and extended position. Same capabilities and thicknesses. This benefits us in that it is indifferent to that vehicle situe on the elevator toward a forward or reverse gear. Is always going to work equally with all vehicles, above all, in the majority of workshops, which have a few small spaces that can't enter vehicle elevator because zone front or rear to repair this zone fixed working (furniture, parts of the premises,... Continue reading
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Nightmares and night terrors are two different topics. Unlike nightmares, night terrors are not dreams that produce fear nor the result of the activity of the dream; in fact, it is believed reflecting immature stages of sleep, in which the child has difficulty to make the transition from deep sleep to more shallow sleep. Although the child with night terrors don't remember them, these nocturnal episodes can be extremely worrisome for parents. Many children sob or cry out, agitated or run around the House with his eyes open, but without seeing and ears seem not to perceive the reassuring words of the parents. It is therefore little that can be done to help the child during a night terror, but may well be the time to soothe the child and make him feel safe: hug him, soothe him and spend a refreshing towel for face. Parents feel they are doing something useful and this will reassure the child while beginning to return to reality, wondering what passes; Adjust sleep schedules to help the child develop a more mature sleep pattern. By contrast, nightmares can be frightening for the child and cause concern to parents. These are the result of feelings of insecurity, anxieties, fears, or worries. Girls usually suffer from them later than boys; 28% of children aged between six and twelve years, have nightmares. Nightmares differ from night terrors, in others, by the following aspects: child perspires, shouts and breathes emotionally, can wake up quickly and recall all or parts of the dream. It must be remembered that dreams can be induced by diseases and pain, Overdrive, fear and anxiety, violent television programs or infirm threats made by some Member of the family. Although the child may not be able to indicate exactly what is affecting, some keys can... Continue reading
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One of the most important elements for correct road driving is the tire. Everytime car service performed, it is essential to check the State of wear of rubber, the depth of the grooves on its surface, the proper alignment. In particular, in winter times, summer tires are not the most secure for driving. The State of the roads under the influence of atmospheric phenomena is a risk factor for the stability of the vehicle. Snow, ice, mud and even simple moisture do not offer the best basis for support to regular tires. Before the onset of the cold season you should be approaching a serious establishment of selling tires and select the items suitable for an efficient and safe shooting. It is true that there are those who prefer the use of snow chains, for example. However, these are only useful in certain roads and increasingly must be installed. Winter tires, on the other hand, have ample advantages over any other tire. In principle, they can be used throughout the year, thus avoiding the known inconvenience of installations and uninstallations. But in addition, winter tire is prepared with a surface that does not lose flexibility or hardens in the cold, as it is the case with others. Change tires at the appropriate time ensures an efficient driving and avoid risks in the seasons in which the friction with the road produces braking distances that often are uncontrollable. A high rate of accidents occurs in winter, with temperatures below freezing. Winter tires are not only constructed a special combination that preserves its flexibility in any climatic condition. They also have a surface designed for such purposes. Wider than grooves, sheets of dense grooves and support complete the scenario that will lead to security and stability for the vehicle. Continue reading
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Sometimes we wonder what is the most determining factor for the change of life in a person? And the answer is no doubt his mind why? Because everything we do, we seek, weigh and decide to is totally conditioned by what there is in our three minds: the conscious, subconscious and unconscious, for people who manage to get to know the great secrets of these three minds have the best opportunities to succeed in any area. What is vital is that we have recorded in our interior as it manifests Andrew Corentt, the accumulation of information, emotions, and beliefs is called mental set and is responsible for to manifest our reality, is necessary that you understand that all material only is due to ideas in the minds of people, to achieve great goals then we have to do is move our perception right in the direction of our internal from youIt is not a simple job, but it is possible. To the extent that begins to look at the world differently then that will having a strong impact in its interior, in first time there is a feeling of rejection, but based on persistence then becomes acceptance, but then becomes something integral of his being, that's where you will receive a sensational impulse to act with power, never question the way alone, once he is convinced something only should be carried away, current will open your most wonderful opportunities. The first point of departure must be the self-knowledge, to know who we are?, what are our capabilities? and how does the universe work? When we can answer these essential questions, then we have prepared to take efficient actions in the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt, you will respond to these and many more questions about... Continue reading
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Taking the words of Marcel Mauss, quoted by Barker, though I differ with the concept of religion as the cult, the myth was a sujeto a necessary and new interpretations that was creating something of a myth of the myth, configured as the religion of collective salvation, in the years following, extending to all over the country to become today the most popular religion in Venezuela, and across borders and countries has penetrated neighbors. From Myth to Myth and Cult worship are closely related. The cult of Maria Lionza product seems to be a slow process of accumulation that incorporates ancient rituals of indigenous, African and European, that are experienced in the first decades of the twentieth century and which gave rise to the deity that we know today: the Queen Mary Lionza . In its internal composition, the worship due to a ranking by the so-called courts: the main, built by Queen Maria Lionza, Indian and black Guaicaipuro Felipe, in a perfect trinity syncretic. It is subordinate to the other courts, such as India, formed by the various chiefs Venezuelans, the doctor where Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez, a famous physician named a venerablea by the Vatican and who has been fighting for years for canonization, Jose Maria Vargas and Luis Razetti, the Viking, the African, consisting of seven Yoruba deities, Chango, Oshun, Elegua, Yemaya, Adcitada; among others. Also, the spirits that make up these courts have syncretized, incorporating elements from other cultures. Renowned artists, popular, legendary heroes like Simon Bolivar are part of the spirits with whom you can talk through the a cajona or medium at any seance. Continue reading
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