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I've found this to be the case, and depending on which marketing studies you're reading it can take anywhere from 7 to 10 interactions with a person before they'll call you. These interactions can be direct mail, website, billboard, radio or TV advertising, an ad in a newspaper or magazine, etc. But they have to see your brand 7 to 10 times before they trust you enough to do business with you. You almost never expect any response from a first mailer unless it is making some pretty over-the-top claims about refinances, like "Rates as low as 2.75%", which we all know only 1 in 20 borrowers will choose that 3/1 ARM.
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Great idea here. I like the script, also.
Two things I've found have helped me: 1) I keep an Excel (or OpenOffice Spreadsheet) of all my passwords with the site name, URL, username, password and email address used when signing-up. 2) Use PC Tools Passwords Utilities ( to generate passwords. No need to fret over the particulars, just put-in the parameters the website needs for a password and it will generate one or a bunch of them and pick the one you want to use. Just remember to copy and paste it to your spreadsheet of passwords.
Here's a pre-welcome back to Utah, Bliss.
I've had this problem ON EVERY purchase client in the past year. I even lost one loan to the seller's agent's "preferred lender" because we needed an extension do to the buyer's sloth-like quickness on getting items to me that were required for the loan. The seller's agent said he would not except an extension to the contract unless the buyers used his in-house lender. It's illegal to demand that, and I counseled my clients to that extent, however they were so worried about not getting this house they pulled their file from me and gave it to the other lender. Three months of credit repair and hand-holding with them down the drain to someone that got a complete file and didn't have to work for a penny of their commission.
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I agree also. Those that are left are pros. There is less competition, but it is stiffer competition.
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Sep 21, 2010