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Yeah, that's me at 18 months. Guess it's in the genes. A blog about plants, gardening, and gardens, drawing on my professional and personal experiences. For me gardening is journey so this is more about the process and philosophy and less about the garden and the plants. Sure you'll see pictures if they make a point. expect an occasional visit from the Grumpy Gardener, my alter ego, who finds this all so frustrating and meaningless.
Interests: Family and friends. Gardening, music, Vipassana meditation, photography, Macintosh computers.
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Maybe just simply call it "Ellen". I am surprised at the vigor.
Toggle Commented May 12, 2012 on Seneca Hill rockii type peony at Each Little World
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The Horse Barn (left) & Dairy Barn are still on campus. I put this shot somewhere near the Natatorium.
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2009 on Antigo: A soil to know at Each Little World
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With a little change those principles could cover a lot of things. Maybe a philosophy on life… Book is ordered. Thanks.
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Linda, Just catching up with your posts. I have an interesting observation about weeds in moss. I have a fairly significant patch of moss under three Hamamelis. I have very little planted there, for now, and I get quite a few weeds that move in. As with several large open patches I have used glyphosate (Roundup) about once a summer. As best I can tell it doesn't seem to effect the moss. Now before anyone goes & tries this it could be that the species of moss I have is uniquely resistant. So don't blame me if you try it. But also remember that it is never mentioned when folks are recommending things to eliminate moss. I've become quite fond of my moss. If you get down really close you might just find one of those shocking red mites lumbering through. I keep trying to get a photo of the red contrasting on the bright green. John
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I really don't think this is a moral issue in the philosophical sense. It is more personal. Ask yourself: would you do it? no matter the consequences? What if he died?