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"Next year I will be playing at the University of Florida." Probably not. 3rd string Freshman QB returning punts maybe. Jacory is a Senior, and while last year was terrible, the new staff might be able to get him mentally tough and who knows. He was just broken by the end of the year. Morris showed me a lot of poise. Never saw him freaking and he def has more instinct in escaping the pocket while looking to throw first. Brisset and Morris would be battling for the job by the time Brisset was a Sophmore. That probably won't be the case at UF. Lastly, he absolutely can't change his mind because his mom told him too. That bird has flown, we can't have momma's boys signs in the stands for 3 years. He's a Gator and now we move forward. How has starting QB at the U gotten to this point?
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I liked a lot about the highlight reel, but, um, that style of beast toss spin slam tackling won't be the way in college. But I did like the feet, the positioning and the attitude.
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Jan 29, 2011