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We had already been battling my son's Autism for 3 years when my stepmother had a stroke. I first was struck, and weirdly a little jealous at the medical path that was laid out and the team of people that stepped in to assist in her recovery especially when I felt that I was forging my own path (while the medical professionals rolled their eyes at me). What I saw first hand was that her symptoms and road to recovery seemed so similar to my son's. I started to wonder if he had a stroke. My son also has a left side issue, left eye affected, left hand, even left leg and ankle.His overall motor planning is poor so I couldn't get agreement on this form medical professionals. Not until he was 10 (just a few short months ago) was he finally diagnosed with left side hemi-paresis probably resulting from a stroke. He now has to wear a boot to protect his left side which has gotten so weak from lack of use that he easily injures himself with simple running and jumping. I wonder how many other children have also suffered and not received the care that they needed. I tell as many people as I can that Autism or what they call Autism is a brain trauma that we are losing our kids to. I appreciate your insight and glad that others are fighting the fight.
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Mar 7, 2012