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Cousin Machin
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One thing no one seems to be considering is how much the OS is important when it comes to the input methods (voice, touchscreen, mouse/keyboard,etc...) Touchscreen was not invented for the iphone, yet the Iphone OS from Apple was the KEY in making good use of the technology, why could you not apply the same thought to voice recognition? Just try to imagine a new OS which would be centered around voice recognition, and thus new applications also made to be used with voice. Windows (and every app made for it) are designed with the very idea that mouse and keyboard will be used as inputs, the iphone with your fingers and they work fine that way. Why would the voice work efficiently to control these OSes? Would you need a taskbar, icons or the minimize/close buttons on a real voice-controlled OS? Of course not, it'd be ridiculous. It's hard of course to reimagine things in a new way, but hey, apple did it.
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Jun 27, 2010