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Have you tried listening to The Leviathan Chronicles? It's a pretty good SciFi podcast about some immortals. It has a very good story so far with many different organizations at hand. It's a pretty good podcast so far.
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2009 on Podcasts I love: Pseudopod at WWdN: In Exile
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Been listening to it for the past month. It's so awesome.
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Mine is, and stay with me here, the power of a starfish. Here's how it goes. A starfish, when a limb is cut off, a new one grows back and that limb will grow a new starfish. Now let's superimpose that. I loose some skin...some hair...that's some more me's. Sure not "limbs," but you know, this is a superpower. I would eventually have an army of me. I couldn't be killed. I regenerate. I can't be drowned, starfishes can breathe underwater. All I have to worry about that would cauterize the wound I guess.
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