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"so, given his recent GM blunders, who really still has confidence that riley will put together a dynasty beginning next year?" I really don't think the free-agent class is that impressive. LeBron and Wade are franchise, but after that? Role players. Bosh is not franchise. Neither is Amare nor Boozer. I'm sure Riley has a plan. If not, maybe he has already retired in his mind. He did mention maybe getting 3-4 great role-players to fill-in the squad...that could be cool... I wonder who he has targeted.
Posted by: CyrusTheVirus | January 21, 2010 at 05:49 PM" If Cook and Jones roles on the team is not that of designated shooters, then what is their role? A bad shooter is still a shooter. --------------------- Posted by: Heat-Struck | January 21, 2010 at 05:50 PM Yeah, what I said. More defense. I don't agree that this team is lacking in talent. It just has too many holes. It is not a complete roster. JO,Haslem, Wright, Chalmers, Alston, Arroyo, Anthony and QRich are good enough players in their own right, but the collective roster does not have the talent for Spo's defensive scheme. Miami needs a physical defender like Artest (or Askins, Posey) on the perimeter and an intimdating physical presence in the middle (like Zo used to...) for the scheme to work. Right now we have a talented offensive squad with major holes in defense and rebounding. This team needs to trade some of its glut of shooters (cook, Jones) for defense and physical players. The team once had very little shooting, but now it has too much.
Final, Proofread blog at
Toggle Commented Nov 26, 2009 on Heat 99, Magic 98 at Miami Heat | Sun-Sentinel Blogs
Shiii, I finished my blog. This was probably the weirdest game I have ever seen in my life. Everything was cool in the first half…the Heat were clicking thanks to good ballmovement by Miami and great offense by Michael Beasley. Some 3’s by James Jones and a couple of J’s by O’Neal put Miami in a good groove. Everything was clicking except for Wade, who was having some trouble with his offensive rhythm. Luckily, everyone was playing great help defense….uhh, except for covering the three-point line (again!). The Magic looked terrible on offense but were brilliant from outside. Dwight Howard was put in check by triple teams the whole night but really got on my nerves when he gave an inexplicable cheap hit on Jermaine O’Neal which actually got called as a foul on O’Neal. He then proceeded to walk away like a pansy. I think that Shaquille O’Neal “Superman” music is starting to get to his head a little, but I digress… The second half began with more of the same, except the Heat stopped looking crisp offensively as they and behind by as much as 11. That’s when this game went absolutely insane. Wade caught fire, bringing Miami back with a flurry of drives and threes. Putting Miami up. But then Wade stopped going to the hole and started chucking up three-pointers and missing. Over and over again. I have never seen a guy with such a high I.Q. play such horrible basketball. He was pulling a “Kobe 81″ on shot selection, except he was missing. I don’t know why, but his team seemed content to watch Wade chuck threes and play no semblance of winning basketball. Luckily, the Magic were even worse. They became allergic to rebounding as this Miami dominated the offensive glass for the first time this season. Then, finally, after so many terrible drives to the basket… Vince Carter finally settled down and hit a couple of J’s and a 3 to give Orlando the lead. Thats when the game went from insane to completely surreal. Neither team wanted to win the game. Wade bricked a 3, but Haslem was able to tip in the miss. Then, after matador defense by the Heat sends JDubb to the line to ice the game, he proceeds to miss both freethrows. Luckily James Jones fouls out and Spo is FORCED to insert Mike Beasley who is completely cold from sitting on the bench the last 20 mins and looks frustrated as hell. Wade then proceeds to chuck ANOTHER BAD SHOT which is on it’s way to be an airball when all of a sudden Beasley grabs it and flushes it down for the lead with .07’s remaining! What!?! This Heat team did not deserve to win tonight, but neither did Orlando. Both these teams have major issues and I don’t expect either of these coaches to remain with their teams very long. Miami seems to let Wade do whatever he wants out there on the court and has terrible personnel decision-making (even having Cook guard Rashard Lewis a few possesions) , Van Gundy seems to be losing his team with all of his whining, panicking and negativity. I need some sleep , so maybe I am wrong …but that is how I see it. Free Beasley.
Yao at 10 cant be too bad. Worth a look. But his injuries are crippling Houston right now, is it worth the drama?
Beasley for Yao could never happen because the numbers don't add up. Plus has Yao finished a season yet?
...But Odom, if I remember correctly, struggled defensively until about mid-season.... ...There were issues, but he was a 3rd or 4th year player too, so you have to keep that in perspective if comparing the situation to Beasley....
"Odom was an a problem-child coming into that season." Imagine Odom not being able to get minutes that year despite his struggles? I know where the Beasley ammunition comes from.
"Haslem is no starter and in no way should be playing more mins than Beasley in a developmental year. If Beasley was playing like ass i could understand but the guy was playing great. Just trade Beasley if Haslem is so important to Wade/Spo whoever." who gives a shizza
"Basically Shaq was still so dominate that he help mask Jwill and Walker on the defensive end and helped mask Haslem on the offensive side. Haslem is no starter, no team this offseason will look at him as a starter. As a bench player hes great. ideally he would be great next to Howard or any other dominate center." Flash, Yeah but what does this have to do with anything?
"Antonie Walker was the second highest scoring player in the finals. With out Walker Pat has no ring and he was a starter on a championship team. Where is he now, puts Haslem role in perspective." flash, Walker was also alot older than Haslem and had bad knees...he was on his last legs of a good career.
Udonis Haslem has been there and done that. As the power forward on the 2006 Heat Championship squad, Haslem was producing and making plays on a stage where many great players succumbed to the pressure. There were put-backs, jumpshots and rebounds that were crucial to that squads Finals wins. Without Haslem there probably would not have been Riley’s prophesized parade down Biscayne Boulevard. And tonight, coming back from a strained shoulder, Haslem again showed the composure of a champion as he, along with Dwyane Wade, lifted the Miami Heat from yet another potentially disappointing loss.
This system is highly questionable when every payer you have has low rebound numbers at the 5 and you continually get beaten from 3 point land. If you are not putting your players in a good position to win then your system can hurt your players. Fundamentally the system is sound, butr strategically it leaves much to be desired.
I would not be surprised if Miami won tonight's game. The team can be surprisingly resilient.
DWill is not going anywhere.
"I say fire Spo and hire B. Scott, Riley's true protege!" I thought about this too. But Spo has potential.
For the record: Im of course kidding about being a gun toting soldier guy trying to gun down anyone. Im actually a nice guy.
Im actually only aiming for Sledge and his family.
Tyler D, "New blog site: Posted by: cp12 | November 08, 2009 at 02:42 AM _____________________________________ this is war!!!!!!!! no blog will take the place of the almighty sun sentinel. we are ready to die for you Ira!!!" Neva!!!! I have got my 9mm ready for actionnnn. Iras going dowwwnnnn.....
New blog site:
Ali, Yeah Lawson is small but built like a tank, similar to Tim Hardaway, Im not surprised the scouts overanalyzed that one, those scrubs. regards...
It was Lawson that carried NC to the title game not goofy Hansborogh. (Although he did deliver in the title game.)
complete with grammatical errors (doH!)
A New Hope: For a team that looked like garbage in the preseason, Miami was sharp against the Knicks. It was surprising to see the Heat share the ball and play as a unit the way they did. D Wade did not even need to carry the team and that is a good sign. JO had the shot going tonight as well as his rebounding, but his competition was weak so it's nothing to get excited about yet, but if he can be consistent with that play he will be a poisitive for this team. Q-Rich looked like he will step up and try to be the Askins/Posey of this team by taking charges and playing hard D, which would be a nice surpise. Chalmers was aggressive and made the Knicks pay by draining open J's. He did a good job of stepping ahead of the 3 point line and hitting em instead of taking a 3. Wade was unselfish and is a joy to watch as usual, that steal and spinning layup was pure insanity. Beasley was a little excited at the outset but once he calmed down he was good. He drained some Js, hit some layups in traffic and dived on the floor for loose balls. Impressive. Arroyo looks like he will be an effective backup at the 1 and we will not be missing Quinn anytime soon (barring injury). The bench unit of Haslem/Cook/Anthony are providing a nice complementary game that integrates with the starters nicely. The pieces seem to be fitting , finally.... yet these ARE the Knicks. Friday's game vs Indiana will be another gauge to see if this team is truly improving. (sorry to post again but this is the complete, edited, amateur review of the game)