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Craig Rosenblum
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I was a long time bbser back in the 1980's, ran several different bbses, and I two bugged out about calling long distance bbses. I even called this famous bbs called 2001, run by bootlegger of the "Bill Landreth" fame. I was part of the bbs culture back in teh 1980's, 612 area code 4 life. I loved my Apple ][+, AppleCat Modem, green 40 char monitors. Crazy game paddles. Even my last bbs, S.T.O.R.M. BBS is listed on for historical sake. For me it was the culture, the people, the experiences, the learning... And here i am 30 years later, and into programming php/coldfusion, sql server, linux, mysql... I just love geeking...
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Aug 26, 2012