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Whilst the future of mobile computing may revolve around touch-devices it will be a sad day if ultimately desktops and laptops are replaced entirely, touch-devices are expensive and completely proprietry hardware that cannot be upgraded with ease like desktops and laptops. Touch-devices will never be your one and only device, they are outside of a lot of peoples budget and need replacing by newer and more expensive models each year, whilst I'm happy to use such devices for mobile computing, I don't get excited over the fact that these devices could be the future of computing in general, mobile-computing yes, at least not until hardware stops evolving and raw processing power hits a ceiling, not happening any time soon. For now these devices are for tech-chasing geeks with more money than sense IMO, playing into large companies hands by essentially subscribing to expensive hardware refreshes each year.
Toggle Commented Nov 1, 2012 on Do You Wanna Touch at Coding Horror
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Nov 1, 2012