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"I love Kate and I think it's a shame the way she's being written so that Olivia can be the one who knows it all. I can't believe people will be so easily manipulated by this writing that you would agree with something Carly says when a lot of it is all about the bad writing. Since when did she tolerate a female that isn't a relative? OOC writing everywhere. It's obnoxious. But not as obnoxious as people falling for it hook, line, and sinker. Guza's smarter than you think, and that's why he's still around. Because he can fool people." I agree with the comment made by Scout. People snark well and can turn a phrase but are obviously not immune to the dumbing-down. Guza's motives are pretty clear. This blog rants alot but never seems to get at the fundamental problems of the show. If you liked Olivia/Carly's FEE LOSS SO FIzin', well that means you just enjoy lapping up Guza's writing, or was it Korte's? Doesn't matter, Guza gave it the stamp of approval. Guza doesn't want to write for Sonny (he just needs him), he writes for Jason Morgan, and for Carly (only so he can mock women). He has as much respect for Sonny as he does for Lucky. The "good man" crap is pure manipulation. The only char. Guza likes is Jason.
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2008 on General Hospital: By The Numbers at Serial Drama