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O.K., so maybe you've just read the petition online and you don't agree with all of it? Sign it anyway! Why? Because we need to get the conversation started! And, you have to ask Washington, D.C. for a MILE to get an Inch! What we really need is un-manned computer controlled drone strikes that won't kill children. But, they do kill children. So, the aim is off. Way off. O.K.? So, you don't want to close the drone bases, but you want better aim? Fine. Sign the petition and let's get President Obama talking!
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Help us out, Please! We only need 48 more signatures for our petition to go public on the White House website for Inauguration Day Monday Jan. 21, 2013. * End Drone Strikes Killing Children and innocent civilians!* (case sensitive - please tell your friends!)
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Jan 18, 2013