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Eli Underwood
I'm so into you.
Interests: Words, vox, images, recovery
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I put Smokes' bed in the Mississippi this morning, my ritual for all the creatures I love and let go of. He traveled far! Straight between freighters like a flag of peace. He is peace in my heart, and I know I'll feel peace again. Now it's necessary grief. He sent an extraordinary butterfly the likes of which I've never seen, to escort Rosa and I back down through the muddy grasses to the car. I kept thinking about "mud/lotus, mud/lotus". A free, light, sweet gift. The house is so painful without him. We are inhaling and exhaling. Safe passage,... Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2017 at LOVER
"New Work" abandoned Army Corps building, Poland Ave ©EUnderwood Be with me Beginning of sight This is history today the witch went to see the sea Birth to a baby In my search for freedom These are the rooms of childhood For the first time in my life He would do anything for me I remember that I had to be I couldn't escape my family Returning to love The life that I'm seeking One murder leads to another the witch will never tell you what she knows Because I witnessed this dream How blood will blind itself I opened... Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2017 at LOVER
7:30 a.m. the air a broom of burnt coffee and greasy meat sweeping off the river. Workers on bicycles with lunches tied to the handlebars swinging in plastic bags. Old men reeking of cheap soap walking with canes waving hello. Cats glaring and disappearing underneath houses, underneath cars, underneath banana trees. Things exist in multiples. The dog in the road lowering her head. Me on the bike thinking my sweat was rain. I reel it in and go at it again. If you love me like you say you do you'll try a little tenderness. This day is it -... Continue reading
Posted Jun 28, 2017 at LOVER
These women had to be survivors because of, you know, the abuse. - An ambitious production - Make it look like an accident - Umbrage - Burned & burned - The Black Hills were stolen from the Sioux - Mine the miners - Death by knife - Martha Jane Burke - Elizabeth Cook-Lynn - New language comes from a real place in the soul - Eyelash - Persimmon - Dahlia - Cold cream - Beholden to no human cock-sucker! - Most moral codes are elevated expressions of economic necessity. - Cohabitation of the primitively obscene with an ornate presentation -... Continue reading
Posted Jun 27, 2017 at LOVER
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