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Rick Scott (RS) – “I have a seven step plan for 700,000 jobs.” Great number, but he doesn’t say from where they are coming from. (RS) – First, you know, my whole background is in business. You run the state like you run your business or you run your household. Like his 1.5 billion fine for Medicare Fraud. You cheat the taxpayers out of billions and give only some of it back. (RS) – Watch how you spend every penny. Like Rubio using his GOP American Express card. (RS) – Downsize the size of state government. So less teachers, less workers to protect the environment from polluters, less workers that promote business and tourism in Florida. (RS) – As state government grows, you lose the private sector. Because they want to pollute and get tax breaks, while using and abusing Florida’s resources. (RS) – Our state government has exploded the last four years. We’ve had a Republican Governor and GOP majority for the last 12 years. So voting for another Republican will change something? (RS) – Third, we're gonna freeze all regulations. Regulation is killing jobs, the paperwork, the delay, the uncertainty, so we're gonna freeze regulation and look at what we can roll back that doesn't hurt consumers. Less regulation of insurance companies, health care providers, and what comes into our ports. We don’t need clean drinking water, don’t need to regulate how schools or jails are run. Don’t need those stifling building codes, those traffic assessments. And we definitely don’t need to regulate the oil drilling industry. They are trustworthy. (RS) – Fourth, all my life, I've talked to business people about how you build businesses. When I travel the state and travel the country and the world [inaudible] this is the state to do business. This will be the number one state to do business. It will always be cheaper to do business in China. They don’t have labor laws or environmental laws. Oh wait, that is what you want to change, get rid of those pesky laws to protect the little people, to bring in more business. (RS) – Put a lot of money into research dollars in our universities. Wait, you want less state government. The state provides about half the resources for our public schools. You can’t help universities and have less state government. (RS) – They need to team up with the private sector just like they do in other states. So when Pzifer needs some ‘research’ done on their experimental drugs, they have the results they need. (RS) – Finally, we're gonna cut property taxes by 19 percent and we're gonna phase out the business tax. So there’s no money to pay for schools, roads, libraries, police, fire departments. They can be privatized, too. And with no state government to regulate them, there’s no way they can be accused of abuse, neglect, or fraud. (RS) – If we do all these things, we will get the state back to work. We should be the number one state for job creation. When you look at the people that live in this state, the proximity to Central and South America, expansion of the Panama Canal, this will be the state for job creation. Read as - If we can just start drilling for oil 3-10 miles off our coast, and keep a war going somewhere in the world so oil prices stay high and our military stays dependent on it, then oil revenues will be gushing in. Oh wait, with all those tax breaks we gave them to come in and drill, there’s not that much left.
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Oct 13, 2010