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In my experience, this kind of thing occurs from people 'not eating their own dogfood' enough. I've often seen the decision making individuals being presented with idealized scenarios that remove them from the process and circumstances the average person encounters. I doubt that the team that approved the release of CS6 actually ever used the same process you did to test upgrades. Likely they had an alternate method to generate keys and was assured by a separate team that the buying process was simple. My old boss had a saying, "Don't expect what you don't inspect."
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2012 on Adobe's serial insanity at A Whole Lotta Nothing
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I'm shocked, shocked at the number of you that haven't had a good souffle. They are the ultimate ending to a good meal. Chocolate are great, but Grand Marnier and lemon souffles are wonderful and sublime. When Michele and I have our special date nights, it's always to a place with good souffles. If you are in LA, Morton's and Arroyo Chophouse do a good job.
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I saw a bunch of these when I was last in London. With the short days there, nighttime commuting is the norm. The reflection was quite good and definitely showed drivers that cyclists were around.
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Mar 1, 2011