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Oh, come on!
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2010 on Mending Fences in Miami at Heat Check
This place looks familiar..
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2010 on Mending Fences in Miami at Heat Check
Toggle Commented Feb 9, 2010 on Mending Fences in Miami at Heat Check
*straight game
The Bulls are on a roll. About to win their fourth straight win on the road against good teams.
"I'm still laughing over Haslem's defense. What a scrub." I wouldn't talk, your boy was abused by Amir Johnson on that one post play. Posted by: eddieomaha | January 27, 2010 at 10:04 PM ==================== He was hurt, man. HURT.
"This game shows that we need him late in the 4th Posted by: Byron Scott for head coach | January 27, 2010 at 09:55 PM" We need him 30 to 40min at PF every game.
Raps fan : "What happened to Haslem? I haven't followed the Heat for awhile, but I remember him being more than decent on both ends of the floor, back in that championship run."
It's "Maradona" BTW.
Yet another Raps fan : "When Hedo took out Beasley, we won the game"
I want Byron Scott...or Madonna. Would be better than Spo Posted by: KAZAM92 | January 27, 2010 at 09:40 PM ==================== Lol. Maradonna sucks ass as a coach actually.
BTW, Wade had 2pts in the fourth against the Cavs, 4 tonight. Anything to do with Mike's absence? I'll let you figure.
Another Raps fan : "we won this game coz we tripped beasley up." (that's for you JD)
Raps fan : "Good win. But Beasley was the Xfactor. Miami missed him."
Raps PG thread headline on RealGM : "Killer Bs FTW, Beas Knees FTL"
*build (damn)
*helped us builed
"Beasley would have been on the bench in the 4th, even if he wasn't injured. Stop acting like with him healthy the Heat would have won." What about the three other quarters? What about his strong star? What about that comfortable lead he helped us to build early on? You suck man. You know that?
FIRE IRA. He sucks at his job.
"Upon his second-quarter return, Beasley had a few of those moments that make you appreciate the lack of patience, from misplaying a Raptors inbounds on their baseline to his inability to contain Patrick O'Bryant." What the f*ck?! POB didn't step a foot on the floor, dirt bag.
"Haslem did his best to make up the difference, with yet another double-double off the bench. His 15th double-double broke Rony Seikaly's franchise record for most by a Heat reserve." Yeah. Great performance by Udonis. Huge double-double. What about his D?
We lost this game the minute Beasley got hurt. He's hands down our second best player and we sorely missed him. PERIOD.
"Only close second is Nowitzki." Yeah. I forgot him. He sucks on D though. Bosh is a better rebounder and defender.
"Chris Bosh... Best power forward in the league." ======================= He's up there with Duncan for sure. Maybe better now.