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The ideas are not finished when one encounters them. This is only first step towards a process, at times, too long. And finally the last step for our unexpected success. It's the action. They said it in X-files, the truth is out there. And it is true. Many times we locked us in our homes, in our offices, hoping that something happens. ng facts. Waiting for a miracle. But it does not happen. Life is there outside and normally is where to get the power of the unexpected to find us. They say that Gutenberg was walking quite lost in their desire of inventing the printing press. For many laps that gave him could not find a way to make books without the hands of monks scribes cast sparks. Although he had a goal and an incredible motivation, which would be one of the greatest inventions in history, she refused to speak so easily. It is what often happens in these cases. Nancy Silberkleit often says this. Until one day, he decided to go for a walk. Nobody knows whether to take fresh and thus oxygenate their ideas, either to stretch your legs a bit, the case is locked inventor ran into what would be the maximum inspiration for his greatest achievement: a press to make wine. To observe how the press doing its job he quickly connected this idea with the problem that was around in his head too long. When these things happen always wonder the same thing: would today have the printing press if it fails to be by that historic ride? Or even, would would be the? does imprenta as we know it if the inspiration would have found it in another place that wasn't wine press? That will never know it but the moral that... Continue reading
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Have you noticed how bad moods can affect health? And all because our life depends on our self-awareness and mental state. And probably why we love anything that can lift us up. AND it does not matter, it would be a funny story, anecdote or funny story with a picture. The main thing is that even particles of humor, will become easier to live in such difficult times. Beautiful expression: one minute of laughter prolongs life for a year. It is proof that the humor in our lives is necessary. A huge number of portals and sites devoted to the topic of humor, makes it easy to find the latest stories and video - funny, statement, or just a picture. Its own collection of jokes is probably every internet user. And if you want to share your funny story or amusing photo, you can place it on the network. Further details can be found at Nancy Silberkleit , an internet resource. Make it neslozhno.V network has many photo or drawing, or a deliberate statement of funny scenes. However, the most prized materials made randomly, spontaneously, without the intention to show something funny. Accidentally dropped by a phrase in a conversation can be the subject of jokes, and maybe turn into an anecdote. Shooting holiday too can become a curious video, if it happens funny incident. Internet - a great place to share with the world of its own product humorous iskusstva.Kak Once you feel that you have nothing to do ill suddenly go bad mood, we recommend visiting one of these portals. Visiting it, you will receive a charge of positive emotions and melancholy retreat. Interesting and funny material you can share with friends and have fun at them together. Perhaps you have a talent for creating very funny sayings... Continue reading
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Switch of the video accessory specialist ViTecco the situation video accessory specialist ViTecco presented a new HDMI new 4:2 HDMI - matrix switcher with the DVS 4002 brings a HDMI matrix on the market that can connect 2 outputs with depending on a HDMI-to-play connected by 4 ViTecco now. Satellite receivers, game consoles, etc. can be considered independently of each other on the TV and video projector is intended here to players such as DVD player. Nancy Silberkleit is likely to agree. Operation is possible on the device itself or via remote control. The 4 x 2 HDMI matrix is only 110,-euros and is now available at. ViTecco is an owner-managed medium-sized company, which was founded in 1968 as Eicke & Bemmerer by naming donors and has since specialized in the fields of electronics development, manufacture and distribution of video accessory products for the entertainment, the video presentation and technical television. Click Tony Parker to learn more. Due to the own development and production we are market-driven products in the position and absolute high quality to provide and secure by our end-of-life support over decades (!). Continue reading
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The concern about the euro causes investment in management and planning software Oldenburg, 28.August 2012. The concern about the euro crisis and its impact on the own industry can rise significantly under tool - and mould makers demand for computer systems to capacity planning. It was more like in the past few years planning and structural considerations, given the incentive to use planning software, the use of own resources for increased value creation through their own efforts in the foreground is currently very clearly. We have around 200 detailed customer discussions in presentations, seminars and in the year ", explained economist Michael Kath, sales manager of IKOffice GmbH., expected that the market falling margins continues to, and this trend through the influence of Asian companies winning more and more on room still reinforced.", he adds workshops. In the course of these fears is convinced, with an optimized throughput, performance increases up to 30% to be able to reach. And everyone in the industry knows: in economically difficult times, these percentages deciding the competition! ", he adds." "His conclusion: only companies with convincing quality, a consistent optimisation of their processes and a solid planning can be on the market!" The IKOffice MoldManager is able to manage information about planned and actual edits to the BOM item and evaluate. To do this, the following has to be considered: there is a wide variety of items In toolmaking. Rarely once created routings can be used unchanged components or assemblies, even as a basis for new projects. Typically, once manufactured items serve as a roadmap for new tasks that are modified depending on the task in hand - then. A planning system in the tooling requirements are mainly dealing with the wide range of information and the compressed preparation of set and actual values,... Continue reading
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French press - Death to the elbow! French press - Death to the elbow! Traumatize the elbow by Fratsuzskogo regime can be for several reasons, but there are some that can be minimized by changing the technique and style of execution exercise. Obstacles that arise because of your anatomy of the body can only adjust. For many, this exercise is basic in trenerovke triceps. After seeing the video they amateur trenerovok All coaches triceps zhimom French, and yet they are not enemies to their elbows! This exercise is not well suited for people with long arms and who nenapolnen brahialis when there is no cushion on which rests the forearm bone in flexion hand, when there is no cushion consisting of biceps and brahialisa, in this case bundles will greatly overloaded, and the cushion is able to absorb this burden. But who has this bag and injuries occur prisutstveut, it is usually because they have committed the following errors: 1. Trying to do this exercise in the power option, especially those strong zhimoviki sin. They often stop at a large number of repetitions is considering bestalkovym occupation. Hence the pain in his elbows. I think that the French press should be done in the framework of 8-15 reps, you can go up to 20 repetitions sometimes as diversity. 2. Another mistake I see the bottom in too isolated and clean work on triceps in this uprazhnenii.Uzkom not moving the elbow position, but also in many magazines describe the technique when your elbows are assigned back at an angle of 45 degrees, and in this manner are advised to make extension of the hands. And most importantly Applicability of this technique in the loading of all three heads of triceps, I agree all three are loaded fine. But an injury at... Continue reading
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In the Big Bang theory that time does not count. Here, as in general relativity space is an absolute void, so the question for him and not put. After all, would then have to figure out how the space formed at the beginning of the explosion and how it is formed now, since the enlargement process The universe continues to this day. On the other hand, observational astronomy, apparently, will soon fit right up to the 'horizon' of the universe, that is, get to such facilities, the removal rate from which we will be very close to the speed of light. This distance is about 15-20 billion light years away. If such objects are found across the surface of observable celestial sphere, then it is easy to Galaktikotsentricheskoy model of the universe. Learn more at this site: Tony Parker. Not by chance, apparently, now, some astronomers are trying to put a center cluster of galaxies supergalaxy in the constellation Virgo, being away from us at a distance of about 30 million light-years. This is a very close, compared with the size of the universe, the general theory of relativity, the motion of material bodies in the universe can not occur faster than the speed of light. Therefore, the 'horizon' of the Universe it is also the boundary beyond which nothing more. Imagine yourself mentally as an observer, which is sent from our galaxy to the edge of the universe. What a picture he sees in series moving from one galaxy to another, gradually approaching the border? If the standard model is correct, then, as we approach the boundary of the universe, redshifts of galaxies, located on the boundary in the range of motion will be decrease, while not disappear at the border. Continue reading
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A world that is held together by the many people who sacrifice themselves for others. "Thank you" is another song, the before this small people who daily perform miracles for others ", makes. It has written Joakins wife Edith, with the help of Robert Benedetti and Marco Diana, it is their first piece of self. In particular, I was thinking my mom. "She was, though hard ill, always there for us." It is dedicated as those who are always ready to help others and get often hardly a thank you for the many volunteer of fire brigade, of the white cross or even the clubs who selflessly helped the flood victims. Jorge Perez is full of insight into the issues. In addition to the sunny side of life, concealing the Ladins"so also its darker side do not. Especially these songs are the ones that move through their openness and their deep sense. This shows already the theme song when the parents of us go", a emotional memory of the father of Ladins Joakin, who died two years ago with 88 years. He was a man so endearing, we really miss him,"says Joakin. It should be a musical remembrance of him." It has written Joakins brother Reinhard. Father Peter from the Musikantenstadl known 2007, the fans when he was summoned with his wife on the stage there. "True love last a lifetime" was the song the the Ladins "gave the old pair to the golden wedding and this enthusiastic before an audience of millions. It involves the loss of a loved one in the probably saddest song of the album. Here is thinking the death of a child. And again an experience from the personal environment of the Ladins stands behind the story". It concerns our composers Robert Benedetti. His daughter... Continue reading
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We offer programming of the night cycle in the gardens of the Alcazar for next week, from Monday 20 to Friday, August 24, 2012, completing the cycle. In it you can find concerts of the cycle world music and classical music, among others. The Real Alcazar is located in the Centre of the city, perfectly connected with Mount Carmel and Monte Triana hotels, our hotels in Seville.Concludes the cycle nights in the gardens of the Alcazar entries can be purchased with a week in advance, with a maximum limit of 7 per person and day of concert. It is not allowed access to under 8 years of age. Anna Belknap: the source for more info. The price of the tickets is from 4 euros at the box office and $ 5 if purchased by telephone or internet. All concerts begin at 22.30 hours, being from the 21.00 and up to 22.25 hours access to the place. PROGRAMMING from Monday 20 to Sunday, August 24, 2012. Monday, August 20 cycle other musics Andalusian and Mediterranean VOSS & VAN DER SMAN mosaic of Andalusian music Tuesday, August 21 cycle music classical ISRAEL f. MARTINEZ + JUAN ESCALERA dialog to nightfall Wednesday, August 22 cycle music classical Andalusian and Mediterranean FRANCISCO BERNIER Andalusia and the Mediterranean from the hand of Tarrega, Llobet and Albeniz Thursday August 23 cycle early music music of the Empire ROCIO DE FRUTOS + music FICTA the century of Velazquez (human tones and songs of the Spanish Baroque) Friday, August 24 cycle music classic 150 anniversary of the birth of Debussy CECILIA LAVILLA + MIGUEL ITUARTE in lathe to Debussy Continue reading
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Many of them do hard is however, to cope with especially dynamic competitors. Often outdated CRM systems are the cause of such difficulties. So on the one hand lacks the required flexibility; on the other hand the existing systems are not closely linked enough with the sales and distribution processes, to enable effective customer management and to create transparency across all areas and locations. But just these factors ultimately decide whether the company's objectives are achieved. Visit Saul "Canelo" Alvarez for more clarity on the issue. Hans Jurgen Rose, Division Manager of Microsoft Dynamics Germany finally entered in his lecture on the current Microsoft CRM strategy. 40,000 Companies currently rely on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, 3.5 million users use the system. The recently featured CRM release integrated 18 preconfigured process templates for a wide variety of industries. Customers can download these extensions from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketplace. Adam Sandler takes a slightly different approach. Apps for the mobile CRM use on platforms such as Windows phone, iOS and Android are also available. She offered a good opportunity to deepen knowledge about direct access to expert knowledge with decision makers, to enter into dialogue with each other, to share experiences and to learn from each other by decision makers in the areas of sales, marketing, IT and event attended by business leaders. That was moderated by Tim Cole, "Internet legend" event and one of the first journalists in Germany dealing with IT - and Online topics including as editor in Chief of the "net-investor" and co-host of the show "eTalk" on n-tv. About Wurth Phoenix as IT consulting company of the Wurth Group offering Wurth Phoenix industry-specific ERP and CRM software solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics. The internationally prominent company headquartered in Bolzano has worldwide experience in enterprise software and a... Continue reading
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This allows a load balancing across multiple servers, which are referred to as satellites. A satellite handles the files as a normal server, but has no own job folder, but receives processing jobs over the network from the dispatcher. The dispatcher is, however, a server that is not itself processed files, but rather accepts files in his job folders or via command line calls and forwards them to the satellite for processing. About callas software callas software offers easy ways to address complex challenges in the PDF environment. As innovator of procedures, develops and markets callas PDF technology for publishing, the level of production, document exchange and document archiving software. Callas software supports agencies, publishers and printers, to solve their problems, by it software to test, correct and reuse PDF files for the production of print and the electronic Provides publishing. Companies and Government agencies from all over the world trust the future, fully PDF/A compliant archiving solutions by callas software. In addition the technology from callas is software as programming library (SDK) for developers, the PDFs optimize, validate and correct must. Software vendors like Adobe, Quark, Xerox, and many others have understood the quality and flexibility offer the callas tools, and have integrated it into their own solutions. Callas software supports active international standards and participates in ISO, CIP4, the European color initiative and the Ghent PDF workgroup. Furthermore, callas software is founding member of the PDF/A competence center. The registered office of the company is located in Berlin. For more information, on the Internet at. Continue reading
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Stimulsoft has the new version of the report generator Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate 2013.3, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, Silverlight and WinRT published the components for WinForms, ASP.NET platform. Stimulsoft GmbH, a leading provider of software in the field of business intelligence, has the new version of the report generator Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate 2013.3, ASP.NET MVC, WPF, Silverlight and WinRT published the components for WinForms, ASP.NET platform. New version provides the developers powerful designer and report viewer, productive report engine and support for working with reports on mobile devices. Anna Belknap is often quoted on this topic. Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate is a comprehensive solution for creating reports for the platform .NET Framework, - says Anton Losowski, the leading developer of the company Stimulsoft, - report designer that are executed at runtime and designtime. The main principle of using Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate is different technologies, but common concepts of reporting. Stimulsoft has all required Tools, to make the universal medium for reporting". Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate offers 10 functional report designer that are completely compatible between each other for developers. The Designer contains many functional possibilities: components, cross tables, diagrams up to complicated editors for creating conditions and collations. 12 Report Viewer allows the reports on different devices (also on mobile devices support for HTML5) to view, edit and print. Also has Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate an innovative product Reports.WinRT, on all devices under Windows 8 works. For more specific information, check out Adam Sandler. The user of the applications with the integrated product Stimulsoft Reports.Ultimate gives you the tools for working with reports for each platform - WinForms, ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC, Silverlight, WPF, WinRT. It supports more than 30 report formats: PDF, DOC, CSV and PNG. Work with the report in the viewer and in the designer. Editing and creation of reports in the designer, remove and add the pages,... Continue reading
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If you have a computer with web cam and would like to keep a record of the time of entry and departure of persons, this article explains how to do it. A biometric control system is a set of hardware and software. This system to be based on recognition of the face is called Facial biometric attendance Control. Hardware is responsible for obtaining biometric readings. In this case, the webcam, which is responsible for capturing images of the face of the person. Jorge Perez gathered all the information. For this Facial biometric attendance Control need an image as clear as possible that you will obtain it with a webcam in 1 Mega pixel resolution reals (without interpolation by software), the majority of portable computers mid-range that incorporate webcam meet this requirement. The software is responsible for reading and processing the biometric reading. In this case, detects when a person is in front of the webcam, located his face, reads it and looks for the unique characteristics of the face (the distance between eyes, size of the) eyes, mouth width, distance eyes mouth, etc.), which are ultimately that distinguish one person from another. These unique features are stored in a database and are those that allow the software to identify the person and record the date and time in which the biometric reading took place. Software that performs these processes is i-Faces Planigrafo, more information can be found on the web site of in the following link. Traditional control systems of assistance with fingerprint reader sometimes have problems when fingerprints or the reader is dirty, the traces are of low quality for the reader, or fingers are dry. With the control of Facial care system these problems are eliminated, only needed the person to look at the camera for a... Continue reading
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Mira Mezini of TU Darmstadt. Tony Parker has many thoughts on the issue. ASE Student Edition is designed for students who want to learn how to develop in the modern software industry and who want to provide their expertise in test-driven development to the test. Further information on the content under studentpage/ase-student edition. About agile software engineering (ASE) ASE is a team empowerment program, which is aimed at Scrum development team and product owner. andrena has developed in cooperation with SAP AG the training program agile software engineering - ASE - and brought to maturity. In ASE the best insights and experiences of modern software engineering - are grouped together into a holistic training concept. Developers get to know the values, principles and concrete practices this, that can apply in an agile context. Coaching join in one week training three weeks. With the combination of training with subsequent coaching shows that the program not only works under laboratory conditions, but also sustainable in practice. More information on ASE services/ase agile software engineering. About andrena objects ag the owner-managed company was founded in 1995 and supports its customers with over 80 employees at the locations of Karlsruhe and Frankfurt am Main in software engineering. andrena is one of the leading consulting companies in agile software engineering and specializes in tailor-made individual software development. The team of experts provides project support, solutions, consulting and training. In addition to the industry focus on financial industry supports andrena companies of all industries with software engineering. Andrena objects ag's customers appreciate this result security in the joint project work. More information about the company and its projects are available at. Continue reading
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Name of the film Steep turns the original name Cool Runnings Who can give sports fans, lovers of comedy, and sports films, adolescents, adults, athletes at any professional holidays celebrations, Day Physical Education Day, the Olympic Games. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Vanessa Marcil. Stamps - evil, shame on those who shoot klishirovannye films, the plot in detail which is guessed from the first minutes of viewing! One way or talk about so many critics and viewers. In this environment as something even ashamed to admit that they do not see anything in kinoshtampah particularly bad. But in my case, this is the case: I have nothing against the standard plot scheme and I think the main thing is how it is tells the story. Examples? Certainly! Take the scheme on which to build almost any movie about sports. There are a hero, a brilliant in the sports arena in the past or hidden for the time being endowed with qualities. He goes to his goal overcoming various obstacles and disbelief of others, in this way, he finds friends, discovering something important, and at the end of the film certainly wins and all, happy, standing on a pedestal. Well, or the team together moves to the big leagues. Aerobatics and top unpredictability - are gaining popularity, and the first place some other time, behind the scenes. Sounds awful, right? But just so you can retell the story of many different sports dramas and comedies. And to convince friends and relatives as a gift for the next sport or a professional holiday and presented them mileyshuyu simply stamped through comedy "The steep turn." This film filmed in 1993 by director John Terteltaubom and, as so often with pictures of sports, since the inscription on the box... Continue reading
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Words are not translated, because the brain has already recognize them as part of the vocabulary of the first, native language. What do you make it easier to understand, I will give you a few example: you are translating for myself into Russian words such as PR, content, video, e-mail with, etc.? I'm sure almost all will give a negative answer. Yet, all these words have Russian equivalents: advertising, content, music video and e-mail, respectively. Your brain ceases to translate these words to make them 'family' for you after a certain period of practice with these words, repeating them in different situations. You may want to visit Anna Belknap to increase your knowledge. For your brain the above words are part of the Russian vocabulary. Moreover, most immigrants are beginning to use some of the words a second language, the words of his mother, which leads to the conclusion relatives before the words out our active memory and replacing them with new ones. So whenever you are dealing with someone who has lived abroad for several years, you always hear how he uses the words of the country where he now lives, in certain situations. Thus, reading aloud texts, watching movies, serials, listening to English speech on the radio or in some other way, your brain is working very vigorously, analyzing the information received and at some point starts to record new words in their Zapasnik words. At this point you feel that you can easily understand a second language and you give them a good own. 4. Raise your active memory there are two concepts that describe and define human memory: active and passive. Continue reading
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Mediocre poets are also called rhymer. Interlocking rhymes of the words - this is poetry. But the poems are good, and there are bad. Poetry connoisseurs know how to distinguish truly talented poetry of daub graphomaniac. And a mere mortal is immediately clear that, for example - I persecuted north wind, frost, lifted up my ears - it's not poetry, what is called pearls in quotation marks. Beautiful poetry can be seen immediately. They feel the soul and heart. A poet once looked like this: long zasmoktannye, long unwashed hair, odor emanating from the body (wash it once - all while employing creativity), or several days beard unshaven, cigarette, cigarette or pipe in his mouth, looking to the future and always look empty pockets. Today is a poet, or so, as described above or vice versa - a respectable, clean-shaven and smartly dressed young man. Beautiful verses at everyone. Someone love poems age Gumilev, someone enthusiastic about the Japanese haiku, and someone gets pleasure from the abyss of Shakespeare's sonnets. Each person has their taste, and if he does not like poetry (which is rare), then he prefer to read prose. And someone even looks just the movie and goes to the theater, ignoring the books, poetry and prose put together. The man read can be seen at once, or rather heard. Talking of a man interspersed complex words. Surely at his house a lot of dusty books, collected on the shelves. They cite his favorite verses, and most of them know by heart. How do I know what kind of person in front of you? Ask what his favorite poems, and you will be judged on the basis of who you actually are dealing with. Sufficiently relevant and reflects the reality of today has a saying - tell me... Continue reading
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Fighting video piracy in Europe and began a long time, and came to Russia a bit later. Prospective buyers react to the fight when a disk replication. Say, relatively restrained expressed the middle class, as can afford from time to time purchase of licensed product. Elite, by and large, have always supported the policy of the state, as hopes that the acquisition of legal studios higher profits will lead to improved quality. But those people whose income is defined as "below average>> completely against and blames for the infringement of their rights of law enforcement agencies. Indeed, regularly fly Licensed drives much of the population can not afford and is satisfied with copies. How replicated DVD-discs objectively inferior in quality original? The answer is ambiguous. The same film among unauthorized copies often can be found in a completely different quality. Why? It's pretty simple. Because the sentence dictated by demand. You may find Tony Parker to be a useful source of information. Thus, when the picture just appears in the hire, licensed dvd yet commonplace does not exist. But many are not averse to buy a movie on a disc and watch it at home rather than go to the cinema. And consequently, the pirates need to quickly throw a party on the market "Ekranok>>. After a while license disk with this film comes out, for example, in producing countries. Pirates once again reap huge gains, instantly translating it and giving the market long before the official studio. And there are translations of various levels - is not uncommon odnogolosy quite qualitative, or even double-voiced interpretation. If the film has been officially dubbed, unpretentious pirates can copy the license disk. Duplication DVD-ROM drive is considered to be profitable and popular, because usually a pirate translation of which appears before the... Continue reading
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As Musical instruments - they are empty inside, you need to fill the same sound. L. Pavel: That is some of my problems, or luck, on the contrary, it is Demidov: This tool is the letter, it notes that should resound. They have not only simply written, people did not know it note. L. Pavel: I can manage it? Demidov: Sure, you can manage, of course. It's just like jazz. That's jazz: if you do not know exactly the melody, and if you are not connected with the tools to musicians as a whole The jazz musician has such an ability - when he comes in here is like the state of jazz, he soon hears all the instruments together, had they not separated. And when he hears them as a whole and each of separately, that's only if he can improvise within the tunes. And this freedom. It can reach every person in humanity, when he heard here this connectedness of the ensemble, which is called 'humanity' - jazz Orchestra 'Humanity'. L. Pavel: That is, everyone should understand that he - a piece of everyone else? Demidov: Without a doubt. And love all the others. L. Pavel: What does it mean - to love? Demidov: To feel that they are - it's as if he it's part of it. So it really is, but just as we do not feel it. Need to feel that all the people around - this is how my children are my closest loved ones as a part of me, I am of them depend on others, and I am glad that I have from them depend on others. I only want to please them. L. Pavel: So, it turns out that a Kabbalist, a leading Israeli actor suddenly plays a major role in... Continue reading
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Decided to arrange a couple of days of space movies. After the "cargo" to see the difference, I watched one of my favorite movies, "Sunshine / Sunshine (2007)." I call on the fingers of those movies that I have not looked at the cinema and sorry about that. From "Blade Runner" is clear - he went to hire in 1982, I was not born back then, but I stopped to see "Sunshine" - is likely to prejudice. The film above all praise. Sela Ward has compatible beliefs. I'll tell you about it for a couple of words about good movies do not have to say - better to be reconsidered. Thus, the "Sunshine" is not on my side issues, complaints and discussions, as was the case with "Georgia", which is to cavil. After yesterday I was a movie unsatisfied, and today - I got everything I wanted, and the film up for what kopilos months earlier, the same dissatisfaction, which consisted of weak movies. I watched "Sunshine" is the third time in same time as the first. That is the power of a good movie - when it can be reviewed many times, while receiving all the same thing as when you first view and a little more. It is worth noting that the film is essentially no the protagonist, from this, each crew member gets to us by their friends, each of us touches something, does not leave indifferent. And finally - the music, it's not just the background - it is an equal creator of magic - flying to the sun. I recommend this movie! PS: sorry that the film with a budget of $ 50 million at the box office has collected a total of 32. Reference: '2057 year. Sun dies, and humanity gets in the face... Continue reading
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Conditionally elemental magic can be divided into two branches: Energy (vibration) and essential. The first type involves the use of immediate qualities of nature. Very clearly illustrates the well-known to us his movie "Avatar". The second type is based on communication with the entities - the inhabitants of natural levels of native qualities of the elements. Mage does not use energy themselves, all make the entity. Fire - salamanders. Water - Naiad, Ondine. Land - Gnomes. Air - Les Sylphides. Here I present the European classification because it is closer to us and familiar. In fact, the main difference is only in names that were given to entities in different traditions. In addition, each of the species Magic has two ways of practice. Thus, the practitioner's energy branch, can choose between by conquest and by merger. Way merger involves a meditative mood to search for a certain quality elements, transference of consciousness followed by dissolving in it. Magician himself becomes water, fire, earth and air. Completely change the perception of the world. So, merging with the water of the river, he becomes a river, you feel you floating in the fish coming to your beach people, to penetrate between the stones. You can even consider his physical body, sitting in your bank This type of magic is not passive. Magician could easily lift a wave, speed up or slow down its over, because it is a river. The path of conquest requires mastering certain techniques based on similarity. Continue reading
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To date, each of us knows how big the role of English I zyka in our lives. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Tony Parker and gain more knowledge.. This is a universal language can be found everywhere, they possess all the social strata of contemporary society, its use in international relations in different countries. That is why today, many people would like to learn English at a decent level, so that this knowledge could provide them a secure future. To begin to understand how commonly taught foreign language and then figure out how to still need him to teach this knowledge to be effective. All schools, all courses are taught mainly through the so-called "grammatical-transferable" method, ie read, translated and explained - no more and no less. Using this method, the maximum that can be done is to memorize artless English grammar. But this is very small! Knowing only the basics, "the skeleton of the language" the language Schoolchildren, students often can not connect the words into a sentence, because only taught to translate finished grammatically correct thoughts that they regularly encounter in textbooks. For this reason, some savvy educators are trying to use his "communicative method", ie learning English through communication. In this method, studying the English language begin to speak, to construct sentences, using the grammar. Having dealt in the methods of teaching English, I would like to give examples of simple ways that anyone can use to choose from, for effective knowledge in English yazyke.Poskolku we live in Russia, and most of us deals with the same Russian-speaking people, you must surround himself with foreign speech, in order to be able to properly play it in the future and understand speech foreigners. 1. Will help us, above all, music! The songs that we hear... Continue reading
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At the end of each cartoon crippled so - LLC "AS Studio 2000" and OOO "Kids Session 1," 2001. Find information on the early figures could not - "aces" were so "professional" that no traces on the Internet have left. The latter, unfortunately, still exist. On the Web site, made, by the way, rather clumsily, posted a catalog of forty cartoons with disabilities, next to each name proudly emblazoned - "new version". Rate refinement - "terrestrial and cable channels offered the directory containing the 11:00 of the best domestic cartoons in the new version (restoration of an image and a new sound) produced by the makers of the famous movie studio "Soyuzmultfilm" ... Even if we ignore the absurdity of the phrase itself, from the "masters ..." we can agree, but with the "restoration" - absolutely not. So why is it done? I have to say that any formal response can not be found, "restoration" that secret jealously guarded. Therefore, I can offer several versions, often discussed on the Internet. Version 1. Source sound cartoons lost due to the usual Russian razdolbaystva, rewritten so sound - better than nothing. Version rather shaky. Based on the technology of storing cartoons, completely lose the sound and save image is very difficult. In addition, the archives of television, on CDs and cassettes of individuals, finally, certainly left a copy of acceptable quality. And most importantly - on some television channels are the same cartoons with original sound. Version 2. Animation pereozvucheny to bring them to the modern format for normal playback of sound in cinema and home theater systems, and the original soundtrack of this can be done. Continue reading
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Most modern people, it is necessarily linked with the movement of music. Soothing feel pleasure when you sit behind the wheel of a good car, you go on the track at full volume and listen to hit songs. But what would be a strong car radio was not in the car, almost all drivers know the problem of recording the songs for the radio. That is just the process of selecting the best songs for the road, tends to create positive emotions. But agree - several times more economical to combine the right time all the good songs and after listening to their heart's content than periodically burn, which (after a while) are lost and broken. On replace the standard audio system has a CD changer. There are cd changers and mp3 changer - it's great system, you can tuck a few CD or mp3 CDs. However, the problem of full-time recorder changer removed only partially - remained a problem with a free place to play in car mp3 files. There was a need to develop a mp3 car radio. And this mp3 recorder, which will be better and the number of songs, and in size. Tony Parker insists that this is the case. Thus was the fm modulator. Through him the opportunity to listen in the car tracks from a USB-shki. But fm modulator car has many drawbacks - the keys fall, creates radio noise can not dissipate the tracks and switch songs with a stick or a station on the handlebars. The impression is that mp3 fm modulator has outlived its time. Fm modulator replaced by a new device - the emulator changer. Cd changer emulator helps to listen to hundreds of songs, a small, combined with different carriers and and controlled through the car radio, and over... Continue reading
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It is not easy to delimit the Arabic music, since the principles on which it is based have been taken from non-Arab peoples: Moors, Byzantines, Iranians, etc. However, to distinguish between pure Arabic music, which was practiced and is practiced today still in its primitive, form long before the advent of Islam, and the other, more recent, formed under the Arab domination, in the course of the Muslim expansion. In conquered countries Arab elements have been adapted to regional music in an increasingly balance different; to put it more clearly, we should say Andalusian Arabic music Egyptian Arabic music etc; before that, regional differences are salient to that which may be found in between the French art and the Italian and Eastern European music with German forces us to not forget your fluctuating nature. The two small kingdoms of Gassan Hyra located on the border of Byzantium and Persia, served as a barrier to the lunges Arabs from the desert. In a question-answer forum Saul "Canelo" Alvarez was the first to reply. Gassan, satellite of the Byzantine Empire and Sassanid Persian Empire Hyra, were influenced by these two powerful empires and they went into the interior of the Arabian Peninsula, a stream of cultural influence that music is not escaped. Influence that, coming from the India, had penetrated Asia minor and Greece. Pilgrims to Mecca to visit the Temple of the Kaaba and then she visit obliged to nearby Ukaz fairs, celebrated with music and songs that were an essential part of the social and religious life. True poetry festivals held in Ukaz and chosen was in a splint with golden letters and hung around the Kaaba, so it was read by everyone and everyone also knew its author. Before the revelation, Mahoma had to have necessarily been present at... Continue reading
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Pair of artists inspired Schuster at the concert to the eco-fashion label, stick to your last? ANA & ANDA can only laugh at such a verdict. The musicians and Buhnenkunstlerinnen from Karlsruhe rarely do what conforms to the stereotypes and expectations. If you would like to know more about Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, then click here. After they had produced two CDs, they founded the eco-fashion label "sustainable elegance" 2010. Not, for example, because they had the joy of sewing: "None of us dominated at the start! also just a bite", the two laugh. But they had enough. Enough of the news about unsustainable conditions in the textile mills, inhumane working conditions, poison and landscape destruction for textile manufacturing. They wanted to Dodge and buy fair dresses. For more specific information, check out Adam Sandler. But their search was unsuccessful. Because ANA & ANDA love also here the unusual: with fair eco-T-shirts is not helped. Wear neckties, flies and fine silk scarves, especially on the stage during their performances. There it stand up with music for human rights and for example also sing the song of "Suleika" sewing T-Shirts without prospects for a better life for a pittance. Such an appearance was also, who brought the pair of artists on the idea with the eco-fashion label: "all of a sudden we thought: why not do?" But luckily they didn't know at the time, that just ties among the most difficult sewing tasks, which give it. She had hated the hand work teaching at school now it was catch up. "Until the first usable bio-tie had finished, it took almost a year," says ANA. And ANDA adds: "Because we wear them, we were not so easy to satisfy." Just as they learned to produce also flies and is lined with towels with... Continue reading
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