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Live theater makes films accessible to any user on this site is absolutely free . All popular easy navigation, easy access to the video. Adventure, comedy, cartoons, adventure Yes, and many more new products every week, just for you on online cinema Credit: real-estate developer-2011. Hot new items are also available to you for free. Want to watch a certain movie, but can not find it through the Feedback You can request them, and in blishayshee time he appears on, who can watch for free in the public domain. Note that administration of the site are being added daily from 10-15 diverse films of different genres, from militants, to documentaries. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Nancy Silberkleit. Want to cheer yourself up in the section titled comedy you will find the best films in the genre of comedy, which is five, can look besplatnoLyubite adventure films, in section adventure you will find the film interesting and zahvatyvyuschie that are available for viewing. In general, all submitted videos on, in any of Radel available for viewing for you for free. Comment, rate and watch movies online online movie theater free movies for you! Come in, do not regret it! Live theater besplatno.Novonki movies available to anyone absolutely free online . All popular zharny, easy navigation, easy access to the video. Adventure, comedy, cartoons, adventure, and so many more new products every week, just for you on online cinema Hot new items are also available to you for free. Want to watch a certain movie, but can not find it through the Feedback you can request them, and in blishayshee time he appears on, which can Watch for free in the public domain. Note that administration of the site are being... Continue reading
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This is the revolution in the music industry of Berlin/Los Angeles who wants to determine not the music charts and to mix the fade music landscape? The Facebook group you're the boss!"is the world's first social media record label and makes all members of the Board boss. All together vote which newcomers will receive a recording contract. The model release on demand"is interactive, and has the potential to revolutionize the charts. If American Idol was the discovery of America, our model is the moon landing! ", as Al WALSER (32), Grammy jury member and initiator of the first social media music labels you're the boss!", which is located under the Facebook group. The tens of thousands of Facebook members are all plates boss and vote together artists, songs, cover designs and music videos. The artist with the most votes WINS and gets his long-awaited record deal. Newcomer compete with YouTube videos. If you would like to know more then you should visit movie star. The voting runs as in the TV-casting-shows ("American Idol"): all members can directly click and vote comments for your Favorites. To bring a song in the charts, it needs at least 2,000 downloads within 48 hours. Each download costs a maximum of 99 cents. The proceeds are used for the production, artist support, promotion and public relations. The commitment of the label members on Facebook is valued, they are called by name in the CD booklet and can meet their stars personally. Interested in 2.0 music label as record bosses want to contribute to the Web, can now register on. Many of our label members take advantage of joining us as their entry into the music industry, so Ronny Wessel, Vice President of the label." "And further: just as you can find but also the homemaker,... Continue reading
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SME consulting Untersberg from Oberhausen no longer fully solvent customers are informed or even insolvent, it is too late. Impairments of the own business operation can be avoided now hardly. The Oberhausen consultant Ursula Unterberg Wegener describes the warning signs of impending insolvency of the customer. The key to the timely identification of problem customers is the permanent monitoring and evaluation of the business relations. This is particularly important for essential main customers, their removing would lead to serious damage of the own company. The following various phases are depicted, which indicate on economic problems of the customer and require appropriate adjustments of business relations, for example, the transition to performance against advance payment. Phase 1: - The customer is engaged in an economic sector. Frequent complaints about its order intake or strong competitors in the eye fall in communication with him. Phase 2: - The order conduct of the customer changed: new orders are noticeably less, and also in small margins divided. The cancellation rate of customers is increasing. There are frequent changes in his circle of the supplier. Phase 3: - It is requesting longer payment terms, while the turnover remains unchanged. Actually reliable payers pay outstanding claims several times with delay. The settlement of claims is out in instalments, although this has not been agreed. Phase 4: - The customer builds an extensive warning history, which expands further within a short time. The bank account of the customer is changed quickly and surprisingly. The customer claimed jobs without apparent reason and cites this as cause of its not one payment. The customer based on arrears always more excuses. Phase 5: - The customer company abruptly changes management or shareholders. Essential service providers or otherwise particularly significant staff retiring from the company of the customer. Rumored is the... Continue reading
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Buy a diploma quickly, buy diploma f you wandered on our site, it means you need a degree from university. And we get a diploma posodeystvuem fast and do it accurately. So that you remain satisfied with the joint work with us and recommend, friends get a degree from us. Here you can get a diploma at the University every year of release. Distinctive features of our company from competitors market qualifications: Strong Buy diploma: We value our reputation and strive to realize every order accurately. We offer Petersburg, performed on two different types of forms: printed and gozznakovskom. Printing forms - fake forms an extremely high quality, with the degree of protection and almost indistinguishable from the original. When copied, the forms give the word 'copy' as well as real forms. In the absence of special equipment they do not distinguish from the real diplomas Univer. Goznakovskie forms - forms the original printing GOZNAK, which are produced and the original diplomas and certificates issued by the Institutes. We propose to obtain University diploma, which is different from the original, has all the necessary stamps and signatures. We made diplomas of higher education institutions have only one difference - the lack of a diploma in the registry of the university. Our diplomas Univer contain all of the levels of protection and top quality production. Easy to acquire the diploma: To purchase a certificate need only complete the order form of the diploma by completing the required fields. Then you will contact our manager with whom you can discuss the issues of payment and delivery. Quickness buy diploma: Time to create a diploma is usually not delayed more than three days after order approval. We goovy in case of justified claims without additional cost to correct all deficiencies. We are... Continue reading
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Essaouira is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Morocco, a city full of charm and history on the shores of the Atlantic. Among the many attractions to its visitors Essaouira, the cuisine is undoubtedly a privileged place. Dine at one of the excellent restaurants in the medina, considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, is undoubtedly a unique experience. Here is a list of some of the best restaurants in Essaouira. 1. AFTER FIVE (Bistro French and Moroccan) Madada Riad Mogador - 5, rue Youssef El Fassi After Five bistro and restaurant is very modern and fashionable Madada Mogador, a beautiful riad located conveniently near the ancient walls of the medina and a wonderful view of the sea. The atmosphere is relaxed, quiet and serenity. The menu offers French and Moroccan dishes as well as excellent fish dishes in a warm and contemporary. Chef Bruno Bertho A LA CARTE 550 dhs. 2. CASA VERA (Spanish Cuisine and Tapas) Place Moulay Hassan is a Vera House charming and quaint Spanish restaurant located in the heart of the medina and enjoys an excellent view of sea from the Pink Terrace Garden on the roof. The atmosphere is cheerful and lively and the food is fantastic, with an excellent menu full of Spanish recipes from a variety of tasty tapas and cocktails many insurmountable. At night can come and have a drink and enjoy the festive and lively. Continue reading
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This has the following reasons: 1. Unclear understanding of the closing vakansii2. Inadequate (too high or too low) the requirements for kandidatam3. Ignorance of market characteristics truda4. Inadequate assessment of candidates consider to order each of them. 1. Formally follow the requirements specified in the application, in most cases (if it is not a linear personnel) is not necessary. Of course, it would be good to review the job description for the desired position. Understand the public process and communication will contribute the required people. To read more click here: Saul "Canelo" Alvarez. Skills and knowledge required for their functions and achieve results. It can be both professional and communication skills. And finally, the personal qualities of man. This is the most important point, since the skills available and the required personal qualities - no. In our company there are forms of "applications for selection staff filled the direct supervisor of the Division, which requires people. There is indicated not only the desired skills, but also a preference for personal qualities, and, of course, the level of education, age and other personal characteristics of the person. San Antonio Spurs is likely to increase your knowledge. This allows you to narrow your search for the right people. And just to protect themselves from candidates who are not suited for primary data. 2. Sometimes, reading the announcement of the vacancy, impression that the employer wants to "handyman" in all spheres of activity. Ie requirements for candidates to be formulated as clearly as possible. In principle, good help can be collection of job descriptions. Our company has job descriptions and profiles of the posts. Continue reading
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Poetry is thing of the elite , poetry is for the bourgeoisie things ridicule thus was had for there. If the poetry belongs to the elite is because it really has a function, or will be that the ones that are in the power go in giving the meat to them to gnaw the bone. If the poetry is bourgeois thing, in the IMPARCIALISTAS, will be Prometheus and steal the fire of deuses. If literatures in general belong to the bourgeoisie are signal of that it is an efficient weapon, a way of development, discoveries, analyses, entertainment, study and learning, the poetry become possible to say the indizvel, to decipher the soul of the men, the poetry can in them take to the intellectual development and spiritual. Dante Alighieri went up to skies and went down to the hells with its poetry. Valley to remember that the poet and the philosopher are the visionaries of the society, is the antennas of the world, if the elite of the ear these voices is because they are who anticipate the future, are they who think what nobody still thought. In the poor persons materially, e> poor still of soul and intellect, we are incapable of if it wants to suspect that the elite always was with the nectar; we with the bagasse. The Age of the information brought the democracy of the knowledge, all that have yield of learning can have access to the most varied types of knowledge, any one that possesss the fidget in the soul can have in its hands the culture and the knowledge that had always denied in them, or that for social reasons it was not possible that we had access to these knowledge. This is the moment to abandon old imbecilidades and to search what... Continue reading
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Even as important is that guitarists may not know how to fix them. This is exactly what coaches and trainers do for their athletes and that is why these people (coaches and trainers) are very valuable for the sport and get huge amounts of money. In addition to the obvious benefit in terms of music, which can be obtained by getting lessons from a teacher (such as learning different techniques, theory, songs, etc..), there are even non-musical benefits. Many of these non-musical benefits are worth their weight in gold! When I was a student, studying music, I took private lessons in guitar playing and composing music, sometimes it happened that I was not able to practice the current lesson materials as much as I needed for the next lesson. But I knew that I should meet with my teacher in the next lesson, which gave me incentive to practice harder and harder to cope with the previous lesson. Even though I felt like I did not know so much of a particular teacher, as I would like, subconscious pressure on need to work on each lesson increased the price of these lessons, because it made me a better player by forcing more and more work. If I had a teacher at the time, I probably would not have reached a level I have now. When Mike Walsh and I were students of music, he took lessons from a guy who plays jazz in college (because shred-guitar is not taught in college) in Chicago and he told me: "I do not need this guy, I I really do all that he practices himself. Goop addresses the importance of the matter here. Continue reading
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Seville is a city full of charm. A city with very diverse cultures and civilizations throughout its rich history. In Seville, it is easy to find monuments from different eras such as the Arabic, the Renaissance, the Baroque, the modernist. The Cathedral and the Giralda is usually not be cheap but worth it entry to the Cathedral and the Giralda. Seville is one of the few cathedrals in the world where the private rooms were open to the public. The Giralda, the great Almohad Tower annexed to the Cathedral, whose Tower you can climb and descry all the ancient city. When the Giralda not rises by stairs but ramps the same as Arabs used with their horses. Plaza de Spain La Plaza of Spain was the Palace of Naboo in the last movies of the war of the galaxies. For even more opinions, read materials from San Antonio Spurs. The place is beautiful, an example of modernist architecture. The most amazing is that the entire Plaza is built with slabs and tiles, even the bridges that cross the canals that surround the plaza. Another curiosity. Along the base of the square there are different works in ceramics that illustrate scenes from all Spanish provinces. The entrance is free. Gold La Torre del Oro Tower is a tower of the 13th century, from Almohad times, owes its name to golden color slabs covering its entire surface. It now houses a naval museum. Bridge the Alamillo those who like modern architecture, the Puente del Alamillo is a good example. It is a massive bridge linking the island of la Cartuja, headquarters of the exhibition of 92, with the old part of the city. Cars pass primarily through the bridge, but there is an area to pass through it on foot. Real factory... Continue reading
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I think that this training for dogs is interested you! Meanwhile I'm teaching new tricks. Teach your dog to go from left to right. Believe it or not, it is possible to teach your dog the difference between left and right of course that we don't talk about politics! Imagine! We want your dog to be a happy pet! How to get a dog to distinguish the left and the right jokes aside, this is a trick sensational who admire all your family and friends and is not difficult to learn through repetition. To train a dog in this skill, position yourself standing on the side of your dog and tell left! to the moment you toss him one of their favorite cookies or his ball to the left. Sela Ward is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Repeat this always to the left until your dog just need the command to move towards that side. Reward him with praise and petting. Then repeat the process with the command right right!. Teach one side by time and node alternative way to avoid your dog is confused. How to achieve a dog to follow you only when you want it! Another trick that you will like that he learns is that you follow where you go. The command follow me! you can become very powerful and is very motivating for your dog. Although some trainers will tell you otherwise, it is better to teach it without a strap, i.e. with the loose dog - wherever possible-. The goal is that your dog mimics your own actions, in a way that if your going to the right or to the left, your dog follow you. To get your dog to do this, simply you must reward him with praise, food and... Continue reading
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The mathematical one is certainly very simple. A single corporal fat pound is equivalent to 3500 calories. You wish to spill a pound per week? Then, without a doubt it must less ingest 3500 calories by every week in comparison and so it is used generally in your plan of how losing kilos fast with the food. That is approximately 500 calories to the day. By the simple elimination of 500 calories to the day, maintaining at the same time your degree of equal exercise, seras exactly able of deshacerte of approximately one frees per week. Like losing kilos fast then? Study after study has demonstrated, that although the people lose kilos slowly - at a speed of 1-2 pounds by every week - are much more prone to maintain the weight and to maintain a normal corporal weight for always. So, so simple what is really to lose 500 calories? If you are gliding to reduce your ingestion per day to only 500 calories. Here you have only the basic thing to undo of 500 calories per day: * She uses milk instead of cream in your coffee. Saving? 50 calories by each drink. * To replace butter by the potato cooked to the furnace. Saving? 100 calories * To consume water with flavor to fruits like an alternative a pair of 16 glasses oz. Saving? 200 calories *Un Big Mac weighs impressive 460 calories. A fresh salad with dressing for slight salads Less than 100! Saving? 360 calories * To eliminate chips stock-market. A appetizer stock market of normal size of the Chips owns more than 300 calories. Saving? THREE HUNDRED calories * a glass of a size of portion of tinned maize offers 165 calories. A maize maize-cob offers 85. Saving? 80 calories. * It changes to... Continue reading
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In lean times, paramount is not exasperate and find different solutions that will enable us to continue afloat throughout the duration of the current. Learn more about this with Vanessa Marcil. Alternatives there are several and there for all agrados, however it must know how to choose which suits us to us. Whether we are guys as we are no longer so much, always have time to form us. It is never late to learn languages or make attractive formations since, apart from open alternatives to the working world, it gives you an extra hobby and new knowledge. However, one of the most popular choices nowadays is vocational training. It offers not only practical skills to be productive in a trade, but it also gives the possibility to carry out professional practices in different companies. That is why it is a good alternative for young people who don't want to do higher studies, or for those people who want to move from professional scope and form in something completely different. There are currently many schools and training centres that provide this kind of formations, all of them officers and regulated by the Ministry of education. Worth, however, find out if there are any characteristic in each of the autonomous communities. Another good alternative is to start a business. There are currently many initiatives and centres supporting to enterprising individuals. Sometimes, an idea simple but well organized, can emerge a prosperous and attractive business. It is only a matter of wanting it and find the necessary funding. It is imperative to increase creativity and work hard on the idea to get an effective project. In short, despite the problems that brought us this crisis, yet there are alternatives. It is our duty explore them all and carry out which best fits... Continue reading
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Card tricks you can perform spontaneously to almost every occasion and impress so young and older people. Card tricks are popular both in children and in adults. This is probably largely because we can put spectators easily by card tricks that will amaze. Everybody knows games everyone has already played with playing cards. However, can you not agree not watching cards artists, as cards disappear or how the magician manages to guess certain cards. You can learn card tricks right yourself with some basic principles. Many of the known card tricks are based on some a few basics. You may want to visit san-antonio-spurs to increase your knowledge. If you know these principles, then it is hard not to learn many more tricks. Controlled shuffling of a deck of playing cards is one the main basics you should have mastered. Controlled mixing means that you can mix a card game so that certain playing cards at the end of the wetted at particular positions in the card game auftauchrn. The process must of course, be not visible to the audience. To learn this technique, you need skill and much perseverance. To the distraction and the entertainment of the audience you should communicate much with the audience during the presentation of card tricks. This diverts the attention of the viewers of the actual events. Card tricks inspire the audience for many hundred years. Shortly after the invention of playing cards, before the invention of the printing press Jester of card tricks have already done before. You can be so sure that it is not a fad. Continue reading
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In this struggle to stay afloat in a sea of enforcement with the seal of a counterfeit morality. "But it is the morbid? The morbidity is the lack of a revolution (...) I am morbid, as my author is morbid. The characters and hate for his disappointment, however, persist in a space. The power of patriarchy and the attitude of pseudo submission of the midwife. The mechanisms of psychological blackmail in a country with May 10 in memory everlasting Mexican Labyrinth of Solitude. The need for a break with the structure imposed by, the urgency of generating a new paradigm. And I say paradigm. No law. From this perspective, the proposed building one of the pillars of Jalisco and the theater that provides for the possibility of a counter-current importance of systematizing the textual creation and representation. Diego will start the visionary to the professionalization of theater art from the classrooms to the forum. Contrary to popular belief art always requires the study of systematic knowledge. Otherwise the substance is emptiness. A vacuum that limits us which a balloon in the middle of a big ball. Diego Figueroa know, so seeking to disrupt the world of a city micrometer. The passenger forgot something is a metaphor of continuity with new transformations, despite the revision of a system for further restructuring, the build to build on the foundations. A process. The redeconstruccion of consciousness, from the definition of an identity in a space where the origin is unknown. The passenger forgot something, yes. Continue reading
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Just in time to the summer season, the HAGLEITNER family balance Hotel & Spa sets trend instructional steps in terms of mobile holiday planning. The new iPhone app, a game around the hotel mascot Pongo", children in a playful way on right the upcoming holiday. This puts the Kinderhotel HAGLEITNER in Zell at Lake-new standards in modern travel planning for families and is located directly on the pulse of time. Holiday trend: Mobile Internet is changing travel vacationers find restaurants with the Smartphone, visit the Facebook page of your hotel and get travel tips about recommendation platforms: the opportunities offered by the mobile Internet, shape and change the travel habits of both leisure and business travellers. A representative study in the framework of the eTravelWorld, who speaks in March 2011 at the ITB Berlin was presented, by the trend to the always-on-Traveller". The survey in countries of Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands showed that almost 70% of mobile owners information by traveling to retrieve Weather and traffic services to restaurant guides. And rising. In tourism the benefits of new mobility are clearly obvious: vacationers all information useful for them comfortably on the display of your smartphone at the desired time, at the desired location, and in a compact form. Factors that play an important role also in the vacation planning by families. "With the launch of your own iPhone app for children Hotel HAGLEITNER in Austria as well reflects the international trend of mobile travel planning: before and during the journey the HAGLEITNER Hotel mascot is the kids with the Pongo" iPhone game a perfect on their holidays in Zell am see. HAGLEITNER iPhone app: fun and action for the little ones with Pongo playing, implemented by the IQ mobile GmbH from Vienna, is a promising step the HAGLEITNER... Continue reading
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He is what in the market if consultoria flame technique, that is, the pupils try, in practical way one of the possibilities of performance of its profession. Frequently San Antonio Spurs has said that publicly. Throughout the year they had been collected given of the company, Ibis Hills, object of study so that the diagnosis could be delineated. The methodology of this collection of data occurred of some forms having itself to stand out that the company did not allow the direct contact with its guests, given total understandable but that he can have caused a vision fails of this aspect, since the pupils could not hear the customer directly. Therefore for the diagnosis of this and the other on aspects the company, dissertados in this document, had been analyzed internal documents, the informal accompaniment of the routine and interviews with some employees and management and visitations. Click Gina Bonati to learn more. For the basement of the research respected authors of the area of Tourism are cited throughout the document, who validate the analysis of the pupils. The academic experience acquired in elapsing of the course and the orientation of the orienting teacher, Ana Luiza Maria J. Maiorino, had guided the research and consideraes. SUMMARY Object of Study of the research is the Ibis Hotel Hills, pertaining the net of Accor hotels, located in the city of Is Jose of the Fields SP. They are Jose of the Fields is headquarters of an ample industrial complex with prominence for companies of the sectors automobile, electro-electronic, telecommunications and aerospace. With more than 600 a thousand inhabitants and strategical localization, between Rio De Janeiro axle So Paulo is a modern city that keeps some characteristics of the interior. Installed in the city since 01 of September of 2005, with 144 habitacionais... Continue reading
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Knolls ALB Trail: nature enjoyment with foresight in Bavaria Neumarkt i.d.OPf.(tvo). Shady beech forests and sunny forest edges, rocky fields and lush meadows, Juniper heaths and distinctive Dolomite rocks: Scenic versatility and fascinating contrasts characterise the new hilltops ALB trail in the District of Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, which leads from Habsberg out as 10 km long circular route via lower meadow fields and Hilzhofen. Again and again, the conical tip of the Habsberges and the bald mountain ridge of the Schanz mountain accompany the hiker on his tour. The latter is a true treasure trove of nature: nowhere in Landkreis Neumarkt there are so many different animal and plant species at a time like this, many of them are rare or threatened with extinction such as the German gentian -. 14 theme panels provide information about natural treasures such as the again now native Pasque (Daffodil) on Mt. Schanz, nutrient-poor grasslands and Juradistl lamb or the pilgrimage routes of the Habsberg. Other tablets download to the discovery tour in the Buchenwald or special landscape views a. The knolls ALB trail at the same time represents a loop route of the national platform of the Jura. It is well marked in both directions, in addition, detour via Dietkirchen or Eschertshofen are possible. Continue reading
Posted Oct 3, 2017 at Crux Magazine
We all know what stone is. we all know that there are many types, but certainly not all know the specific properties that have some of them. Perhaps you have never raised anything about rocks, but the day comes when you need to make a decision, for example for your build or decorate your new home, and the properties of each stone can be decisive in the future in the home. In our country there are companies that specialize in this type of material, which often explain the properties of the main types of stones used to tile the home. Types of stone depending on the need There are many different types of stone tiles for use in our home. They can be divided into seven groups: - Travertine: formed mostly of calcium carbonate, but considered as a type of marble. It has a variety of tone colors from lightest to darkest, allowing you to find a wide variety of tiles of this material. Are used for both rustic and avant-garde decorations and they can meet beta or not, making no two stones alike. - Terracotta: characterized by giving the sensation of warmth to the rooms, are most commonly used in homes. Can be used indoor or outdoors with shades ranging from light honey to red / brown. - Slate: Gives a natural and elegant buildings, both exterior and interior, and also has a very high cost. It is formed by layers separated from each other and are usually earth tones, dark and gray. - Marble: A metamorphic rock that can be found in different colors and are often used for interior areas. Some pieces contain impurities which causes us to observe different betas or grains. - Granite: Great strength and colors and shades usually white or clear. Granite is... Continue reading
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Angela the second as double the Chancellor with program the doppelganger of Chancellor with its own stage program is held again for the Chancellor. To entertainment at the highest level, for all kinds of events and carnivals. Cabaret at its best. Marianne Schatzle double the Frau Merkel occurs the second as Angela. In a question-answer forum real-estate developer was the first to reply. It looks like the Chancellor to the confusion. She are before the Chancellor always at major government tasks to represent, but it is also their coach as a Swabian housewife. Credible reports on their Coachingstunden that also keeps it with the Chancellor, that but unfortunately not so fruitful. She has contacts in all circles and repeatedly leads talks with all important representatives of the Government, but also with Mrs Merkel herself, who then gives her instructions on the stage of life. Important people, like the Defense Minister are advised by telephone by her. Angela the second white satirical advice always for everyone. Cabaret at its best is always top news. M. Maier Continue reading
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Microsoft is looking for partners to reach a deal that Yahoo dismantled as we know it today as the Wall Street Journal. The newspaper cited anonymous sources who are aware of negotiations who say that Microsoft is interested in buying only the search business Yahoo, but he has asked News Corp. and Time Warner about merging the remainder of Yahoo with some of their other respective properties such as MySpace or AOL. Learn more - useful: Luxury Car. Real-estate developer may help you with your research. Continue reading
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CONVERSATIONS WITH NARCISO R. COLMAR (SON) on Sunday October 18, 2009, at the residence of Prof. Olga Bilbao in the morning, the meeting took place after several years between NARCISO COLMAN, son of legendary NARCISO R. COLMAR (ROSICRN) NAND YPYKUeRA author and David Galeano Olivera (Director General of ATENEO GUARANI LANGUAGE AND CULTURE). The anteror meeting was about 20 years ago with the participation of Pedro Mbo'ehara Moliniers, during the book launch Kamba Nambi, published then by Narciso R. Colman (son). It is worth noting that Don Narciso Colman (son) is a simple man, nice, very cultured, a lover of music and above all, a grateful son. She remembers her father with great pride, with great love and great respect. On the occasion, Don Narciso has agreed to assist the ATENEO LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARANI to develop a talk on "Life and Works of R. Narciso Colman. " As an advance copy provided us with a valuable document, the immortal Emiliano R. Fernandez, wrote to his father, Narciso R. Colman occasion of the publication of the work "nande Ypykuera" which reads as follows: "Ysaty, June 15, 1937 to the illustrious and inimitable Bard Guarani: Don Narciso R. Colman. My very distinguished friend and colleague I so welcome to your letter dated June instant, she brought me in their ways the most miraculous surprise and left more than happy to put aside my usual work held in the offices of "La Hora "in pursuit of long-awaited book Our Ancestors (nande Ypykuera), cleverly written by your skillful hands of a poet. My good friend, now I'm savoring the valuable contents of your exquisite book CABEM express with all my heart and soul my highest accolades for his valuable and priceless gift ... Tomorrow may appear in the Guarani section of the newspaper... Continue reading
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For all discerning gentlemen who are on a visit to the capital, many ads by escorts of a prestigious escort agency offers familiar. Additional information is available at Margaret Loesser Robinson. Escort service Berlin with class. Escort service Berlin discreet dating service with level, escort in Berlin stylish Erotic contacts in the capital city of the Federal Republic of Germany, escort in Berlin with style and class. familiar is the first business portal for serious Erotikdienstleister, such as an escort agency, an escort agency but also by professional escort ladies. For discerning gentlemen who are looking for a classic companion service for meetings and business lunches, today there is no way a legitimate dating service on familiar passes. trusted professional display escorts for a perfect escort service and escort services on the free search on familiar, our visitors have the opportunity, their dream partner for dates and meetings outside of the daily data. Experience the passionate with an Escort Lady from the escort service Berlin and sophisticated flirt and fill you with the escort service Berlin your discreet affair. Since most of the escorts, part-time performs this job as a part time escort, the sophisticated gentleman on attractive escort models can look forward, who appreciate a discrete accompaniment. We are pleased about the incredibly high level of acceptance and popularity of familiar, especially in today's times, it has become difficult to find erotic women and escorts in discreet manner. For this reason our members such as escorts, escort agencies and escort services introducing profile agencies via our Facebook. Enjoy a discreet escort service for the special time outside your everyday by the dating service Berlin. Realize your imagination in a passionate date with one of the exclusive escort ladies. A unique meeting with an Escort Lady from a reputable escort... Continue reading
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Non-fiction by practitioners and experts for successful future "some people consider the entrepreneur a mangy Wolf, the man must kill. Others see a cow, you must continuously milking him. Few recognize the horse that draws the cart him."knew already Winston Spencer Churchill (1874-1965, British statesman, 1940-45 and 1951-55 Premier, 1953 Nobel Prize in literature). Sela Ward often addresses the matter in his writings. No country other than Germany has a policy against just this pillar, as Germany a so pronounced SME structure as the mainstay of the economy and no other country in the world. Immo Alexander Hilbinger (born 1943) has in the Edition non-fiction of his AIG I. of Hanafi Verlag, Wiesbaden, new assign a direction: "courage and innovation for a new middle class in Germany" on the market. Tony Parker pursues this goal as well. Recognized practitioners and experts, such as the critic of Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Hankel, confirmed by the crisis currently or who for years with its solid control recommendation of the distinction of adhesive entrepreneurs compared to the, to entrepreneurs rather than active managers with employees mentality and severance orientation unheard Wolfgang Grupp, which leads with a site commitment of Trigema decades more than just convincing evidence as a maker, are two of 17 authors in uninterrupted plain text. Both traceable to understand recommendations for the medium-sized company itself, but also a more incapacitate becoming policy in the album written in the constraints of lobbyists, this book shows clearly where the journey as must go when traditional values and social responsibility as a pillar of corporate and business ethics for this are, that even in the current economic situation market positions can be strengthened and expanded. Continue reading
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1. Introduction The use of combined device surge protection (SPD), Class I + ii for protection against lightning and switching surges has become a common practice. Typically, as a protection against lightning uses a powerful surge arrester on the basis of a spark gap, and for protection against switching surges - a device based varistors. Spark gap is able to repeatedly take the momentum currents of large quantities without damaging the structure. Recently, however, spd on the basis of spark gaps began to experience competition from devices that are implemented entirely in the varistor. As argument that decision is usually given a lower response time and simplicity of design compared to the varistor with a spark gap. However, whether or not capable of varistor devices to replace the spark gaps in the schemes of spd Class I + ii? To answer this question we must compare the basic characteristics of the two circuit decisions. In this paper we performed a comparison of key parameters - the response time and level Protection spd two types considered on the basis of tests performed in laboratories Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. kg, Mr. Anna Belknap has plenty of information regarding this issue. Blomberg. 2. Response time The response time of modern varistor arrester is very small and amounts to no more than 25 ns. Spark gap has a large response time of 100 ns. However, with the help of simple measures, this figure can be significantly improved. The German company Phoenix Contact in their spd Series flashtrab Compact Class I + ii offers a solution based on spark gap with the 'active management of energy. Continue reading
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EU Publications Office converts eleven million paper pages in digital, long-term Archivable PDF documents for its digital library to Berlin - the EU has opted for the PDF/A standard format for the more than 150,000 documents in its ever-growing digital library Publications Office. For the conversion and validation of PDF/A files placing on the pdfPilot from callas software GmbH. The Luxembourg-based Office for EU publications (EU Publications Office) are daily the official journal of the European Union in 23 languages out, as well as the publications of the approximately 370 institutional author services. Several online services, which provide citizens with access to information to be added. This includes"the existing since 2005 Service EU bookshop, where, in addition to daily new releases, all historical publications of the EU are cataloged, inventoried and archived. Then they are available for download as a PDF. Dr. Silke stack, Director of the EU-bookshop Department of the EU Publications Office, explains: citizens and businesses should get access to the publications of the European institutions, agencies and other bodies over a single point. To the already substantial stock year around 600 new publications are added." After the establishment of around 65,000 bibliographic notes on the page were immediately of the EU bookshop () provided and set up a scan-on-demand service in the House. These interested parties could request PDF files of the desired documents. For the EU-bookshop to meet the rapidly increasing demand for this service and to build a complete digital archive of all publications, provided via the EU-bookshop, it was decided a consistent, complete and digital archive for the implementation of a digitization project. Three key requirements should be met with: the safe long-term Archivability, the ability of the print-on-demand and Web-friendly Online presentation. In terms of format, you came to the conclusion that the... Continue reading
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