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I'll just leave this here.
Toggle Commented Oct 2, 2012 on The PC is Over at Coding Horror
@BoltBait: "You can't build an iPad app with an iPad." You almost can with a network connection and a VNC client for the iPad. A Mac somewhere running Xcode is still required though. Or if your app fits into the model of one of those online services, you can build something via their web interface. Pretty soon there will be a way to at least edit the user interfaces on an iPad, since that's the most logical place to do it. Xcode/InterfaceBuilder was necessary because the iPhone/iPad didn't exist yet. Now it's a legacy app.
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2012 on The PC is Over at Coding Horror
"Lower your expectations..." Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, dating.
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2012 on Coding Horror: The Book at Coding Horror
@Seth, If you improve your state you bring up the average for everyone.
It's so life-like. How big is it? Is it a small sculpture like a piece of sushi? Or is it human-sized? I wonder what it's made of. Is it ceramic? Is it painted? I just really hope it's not made out of a live naked human female model kneeling on a big white ottoman with a black belt wrapped around her and the ottoman. That would be absolutely stupid.
Toggle Commented Jun 11, 2010 on Boris Hoppek's human sushi art at TOKYOMANGO
Japan doesn't have the concept of taking your leftovers home with you. In the U.S., however, taking leftovers home is so common that many restaurants make the meal portions so big that you will only eat half of the meal and take the rest home with you. What is the custom in Australia?
Why would refugees from Afghanistan or Africa want to move to Japan? There is no way they would be accepted into Japanese society. They wouldn't fit in unless they learned Japanese and abandoned their old culture. Even then, they wouldn't be accepted by the Japanese. At best, they would be tolerated. Why not just let them go to the U.S. or Europe? Maybe Japan should help refugees, but why not help by providing financial or logistical aid, not by putting refugees into ridiculous situations. It's a nice thought, I suppose, but totally ridiculous. I did think it was interesting that she realized after three years in Africa that she couldn't trust the African Eritrean government to actually accept Western ideas about human rights. She said that she gave up on trying to help governments. Yet she is trying to get the Japanese government to try to accept foreign refugees... after all the horrific human rights abuses and war crimes that the Japanese have been responsible for over the years? Maybe it's a long-term plan to change Japan's image. Thanks Tokyo Mango.
Ah, so that's how it works. As a guy, I've only seen the string end of things. Thank you, Tokyo Mango!
Ah, just noticed that both Boing-Boing and the artists page reference it as a play on Michelangelo's Pieta.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2010 on Mario dying in Princess Peach's arms at TOKYOMANGO
You might recognize this as a reference to the Christian image of Mary holding the dead body of Jesus after his crucifixion. This version looks like it is meant to resemble Michelangelo's sculpture, which is one of the most famous versions.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2010 on Mario dying in Princess Peach's arms at TOKYOMANGO
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