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Interests: blog surfing, geek stuff, finding the Force (aka Balance)
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OMG! My boyfriend took me to see Jonathan Coultan with Paul and Storm recently in Annapolis, VA! Those guys sure do get around :) I heart them, and I heart the fact that you were honored as universe is now complete. Question- How did YOU celebrate the First of May?
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Thaks for sharing that awesome art with us. That is exactly how I pictured you :) And, can't say I feel bad about the Dodgers....I am from Philly and this is one series the Phils better win! Don't know if you have ever heard of the fans in this area, but it could get really U.G.L.Y. if they don't bring home the win!
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Dude, I would totally talk to you if we were stuck in an elevator together. Not to worry there. My failed save was meeting someone I admired and played it too cool, coming off like a total jerk that didn't care. That's worse than being enthused and excited. Trust me on this. Nicely written, as always. Thanks for sharing this with us.
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I just bought both - one for me, one for my son....and now I am hoping you get more shiny gold rocks to spend on your own wardrobe :)
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Dude, my proudest moment (next to the birth of my son) is being part of the Wheaton 300! Ok, that's a bit of a stretch, but I do have a frame for the letter I received with the book. Oh, and Happiest Days went with me to Dallas on the plane. I love the idea of a Flicker group for people reading your book :)
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That reminds me - All your bases are belong to us! tee hee. I like the ones that look like eBay or PayPal. That really gets my goat going. And yes, there are people that need to be edge-m-acated on this stuff....
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2008 on the ghosts in the machine at WWdN: In Exile
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