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Michael Csikos
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It's not intuitive, but the Name property has to be set after Visible = true.
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Hi Kean How can I rename the PaletteSet each time AutoCAD loads? I want to append our version number to the end of the name, but AutoCAD does not honour the name change. I've tried with and without PaletteSetStyles.NameEditable but it doesn't make any difference. Kind regards Michael
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Hi Kean (I have just submitted an ADN request for this, but if you know the answer off the top of your head, I'd appreciate it, as it will save me some time.) For a global configuration option in our software, the user needs to be able to select a linetype for use in other new drawings. The linetype could have been loaded from a file. Is there a way to know what file the selected linetype has been loaded from? Is the linetype's name and filename sufficient information to programmatically load the selected linetype into a new drawing? Kind regards Michael
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Mark Jerde: And they tell me 11,520,000 pixels is excessive! I concur with the overlapped non-maximised windows on the miscellaneous screen; that's exactly what I do. I'm glad you qualified 7 monitors being a very productive development platform for a laptop. (LOL!) You might like to try the QTTabBar tabs plugin for Windows Explorer. (Last time I checked it didn't work properly with Windows 7 Libraries, but for XP and Vista it works great.)
Toggle Commented Apr 8, 2010 on Three Monitors For Every User at Coding Horror
Sigivald: That's a good explanation, thanks. David Durham: Don't knock it till you try it. The point with multiple screens is that you don't need to hit Ctrl-F1 or Alt-Tab. I often have two instances of API help open, two or three source files, some sample code on a website, and several other programs all at once to solve one problem. Clearly, your eyes don't focus on everything all at once, but it's like driving. In a car you have a windscreen, two side windows and three mirrors all providing different but very important information. You might even have to turn your head, which I don't see a problem with, it's good for you. But, you're still really only focussed on one task: driving.
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I have a 5x1 grid of 1920x1200 24" Samsung monitors pivoted vertically, which makes a 6000x1920 11.5 megapixels workspace, running off very cheap and silent video cards: 2x Asus EAH3650 PCI-E, 1x Asus EAH4350 PCI (five DVI's all up). Five of these monitors cost less (in Australia) than one 30" Dell which only has 4.1 megapixels. The only problem with portrait monitors is ClearType doesn't work properly. Tuning does improve it, but it's not as good as a landscape setup. Visual Studio is so much better at 2400x1920, and having dedicated locations for Firefox, Windows Explorer, SQL Management Studio, AutoCAD, Skype and Messenger with room to spare definitely saves me time every day. HDMI is NOT the same as DVI, as it does not support all the resolutions, eg 1920x1200. With the ATI cards I believe you have to use the DisplayPort if you want to enable a third screen; if you use the HDMI port, you lose one of the DVI ports.
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