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I would put forward that Fermilab has had an excellent track record in finding new particles and the data processing for its experiments are already available. The LHC is such a large collection of data it isn't clear how readily capable they are of processing it all let alone finding meaningful data patterns. While the Higgs is on their to do list it isn't the only thing the LHC is meant to address. Fermilab has already produced results modifying the expected energy bounds for the Higgs so it can be an excellent supplementary tool to provide researches data on where to look in the LHC data feeds for the potential particle.
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I'll play devil's advocate on this one, because Science (the journal/magazine) isn't necessarily for general public consumption. Its the main journal for the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). As such it contains highly technical research articles, but the AAAS is also a lobby and contains less technical articles on issues relevant to its audience, that is mostly American research scientists. We pay to be members of the society and getting the magazine is one of the perks. However public outreach is very important (the AAAS has a lot of public outreach going on) there may be some merit to dedicating resources to provide access to non-technical summaries (aside from the already available abstracts) and perhaps the freeing of the non-technical journal components of Science or again at least providing something to the general public about the content. Disclosure: I am a member of AAAS. However I agree pay walls are quite lame. Free the information!
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