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Cory Treffiletti
San Francisco
A digital marketing strategist, writer and entrepreneur
Interests: I am interested in popular culture and how it is applied to marketing in the current age. I am also interested in my family and Pearl Jam.
Recent Activity
Data is hot. It’s literally on fire right now and if you’re not working on a Data Strategy for your marketing and advertising needs, then you’re likely going to be stumbling in the next 12-24 months, and stumbling badly. A Data Strategy can be a daunting task for a marketer... Continue reading
Are you afraid of the future? Are you afraid for your job? All the excitement around technology and data in the marketing eco-system creates new opportunities, but opportunity is dependent on change and change requires new roles and skills. With technology coming to the aid of marketers, what roles are... Continue reading
I think the collective consciousness is trending towards a world with a collective conscience. After years of materialism, potty-mouthed humor and insensitive hatred for one another, its about time we woke up and realized the person next to you is a human being. The Super Bowl is the only event... Continue reading
I hate to waste things. I hate wasting time. I hate wasting my breath. I hate wasting food and I despise wasting money. As an old media guy, I also hate wasting budget which is why addressable media is so exciting to me. I love being efficient and I love... Continue reading
Much of my writing the last year has been around the concept of closing the gap in marketing between the unknown and the known; referring to how you should reduce untargeted message delivery to an anonymous audience and instead use data to know something about everyone, ensuring 100% targeted delivery.... Continue reading
Much of the last year saw the maturation of mobile as a medium for marketers, but one thing that became ever more apparent to me is that mobile is not a strategy unto itself. It is a channel and should be treated as such. Mobile is a channel, albeit one... Continue reading
It’s a new year, and my 15th consecutive year writing the Wednesday Online Spin with Mediapost. In 15 years I’ve never missed a week, and I look forward to 15 more. In 15 years I’ve seen this business explode, even more so than I did in the 7 years prior... Continue reading
This is the time of year when pundits and thought leaders alike make bold, attention-grabbing predictions about what you can look forward to in the coming year. These types of prognostications tend to be grandiose, overbearing and pretty much the same thing from column to column. It’s as if they... Continue reading
Marketers today are radically different than marketers from just 10 years ago because marketers today depend on two things they didn’t; Data and Content. The old school marketer focused on two traditional axes; the media and the message. In basic terms these refer to media buying and creative. I come... Continue reading
The next 5-10 years are a transition period for Television, and what lies at the end of this transition is pretty amazing for advertisers. Consider this period the “middleware” stage for TV. There are two clear components that define this transition period. First, it’s about the hardware designed to bridge... Continue reading
For a very long time, marketers have been developing strategies and plans to achieve marketing objectives like awareness, perception and efficiency. Recently, the pendulum has shifted and marketers are starting to attain a more significant seat at the C-level table because they’ve come to realize marketing metrics are not necessarily... Continue reading
“They were the best of times; they were the worst of times… for sales people”. I should actually rephrase that to “they were the best of tactics; they were the worst of tactics”, because there are some pretty poor tactics employed by sales people these days, which is funny given... Continue reading
The most effective, and valuable CMO’s of the future will also be responsible for revenue, including direct sales and channel sales. I challenge any CMO in the industry to defy that prediction. Continue reading
The technology exists to allow creators to create once and content to be delivered everywhere, which is exactly as it should be from an experiential point of view, but marketers are still looking at mobile as an after-thought. Technology has put make-up over the blemishes that result from marketer’s shortsighted view of mobile. To succeed in mobile, you have to scrub the strategy to make sure it’s sound and not repurposed from somewhere else. Continue reading
Are you ready for a world of virtual realities embedded with brands? Trust me – I’m not either, but it seems ad world is getting ready (once again) to embrace the concept, even if consumers aren’t. For me, virtual reality is not a big market and there are a number... Continue reading
Acquisition and retention are very different animals and they each require a different set of tactics. Data can be used, and audience-based analysis can be leveraged, to ensure maximum efficiency for both of these areas, but more recognition should be given to how these two strategies either do or do not intersect. They need to be set up properly before being automated, but a human mind should always be applied to better determine how they work more effectively. Continue reading
This is the time of year when we start talking about the upfronts and the ongoing impact of Television for advertisers, but I wanted to take a slightly different approach. Rather than talk about the pros and cons of TV and the ongoing marriage of digital video with TV, I... Continue reading
Most people do wear a watch and that portion of the audience will certainly latch on immediately, but what about those higher-end targets? Will Apple partner with Rolex to develop the iRolex? Will they get in bed with Louis Vuitton for the iLouis? Continue reading
Default to assuming best intentions in your interactions and I think you’ll see a radical decrease in the impact of office politics. You can’t get rid of them, but you certainly can make sure they don’t ruin your day, every day. Continue reading
. Listening to all those pitches can be like the first time you heard Phish, or Miles Davis, or even Metallica. It all sounds the same to the uninformed or the semi-informed ear. Over time you recognize the nuances and differences, but it takes repeat listening, focus and a general appreciation for what they are trying to do. If you were raised to think marketing is about “the big idea” then marketing technology is the polar opposite of what you believe, so no matter the time you invest, it still won’t be enough. Continue reading
Humanity is filled with brilliant people who can put words into actions, but humanity has far fewer people who can simply put out brilliant words and let them sink in for the rest of us to read. Maya Angelou will be praised for years to come and people like Donald Sterling will be forced to rethink how they speak, what they think and where they choose to go with their lives. Hopefully, as a result of the speed of dissemination for words such as these, other people will be forced to take a look at themselves and find the right words for the future. Continue reading
I recommend all students of advertising and marketing spend at least 2 days walking around a Disney resort, but do so looking through the glasses of a marketer and not just a tourist. You might be a B2B marketer and learn something valuable, just as much as any B2C marketer in the world. Continue reading
I’m also sure we’ll be seeing lessons learned in marketing on both sides, further entrenching both Apple and Beats in the collective psyche of the audiences with disposable income. Call me an Apple Lover if you like (I am), but these are the kinds of decisions you see leading brands make. It’s like peanut butter and chocolate. It’s like peas and carrots. Its Apple and Beats. Continue reading
The landscape of attribution partners is increasing and getting more cluttered, so one of the things to examine when selecting a partner is what model they use, and who has used that model in the last. Understanding your vertical and the ways consumers interact with brands in your vertical can go a long way to determining if their models will work for you. Continue reading