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I'm sorry to be the Debbie Downer of the party, but I have to say that as a female gamer and geek, I'm not completely thrilled with this video. The lyrics are witty, the song is catchy, and the video is well produced. That being said, the vacant femme-bunny stares and cleavage tracing hand gestures from Felicia aren't earning her any cred in my book. I'm no feminist, but I am disappointed that an otherwise clever, groundbreaking show is playing the sexed-up female front-person card to promote itself and attract new viewers. It's hard enough for many women to be treated as people and not just gender representatives (read: as equals) in the geek/tech world, without crossover shows like The Guild reinforcing expectations that in addition to "proving" to males they are competent, they have to also use sex appeal to gain acceptance. I realize this is just a silly music video, and ultimately (perhaps sadly) a smart marketing angle to gain exposure outside of the gamer world, but it also panders to the lowest common denominators of how society values and presents "popular" women. That's something I wouldn't expect from The Guild. Felicia has a unique opportunity to be a positive female role model to many girls who are trying to be accepted in an already male dominant cultural niche. I'd hate to see her sell out to what society at large deems appropriate and squander that.
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