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I've got a $2 bill that says Jeff's working on something with Python. Ruby (Rails) is far too hipster (and far too convoluted for anything practical) for a long-time .NET developer to embrace. Philosophical differences aside, Rails is a lot less about solving problems and a lot more about the meta of solving problems. Node.js -- maybe. Seems too experimental to me, though. It's the next great ooh-aah-look-at-that thing. It'll make your toast, it'll wash your car, it'll rub your shoulders after a long day! Oh, yeah, it'll kinda sorta let you write some code, too. But all the cool kids are doing it! All the cool kids that loved RoR 2 years ago. Perl? Ok, I couldn't even finish typing all 4 letters without starting to snicker. Python is lauded as a language that promotes good programming habits. Yes, you can write FORTRAN in any language, but Python actually goes out of its way to encourage you not to. It's lacking the ubiquity and the breadth of libraries and support of the bigger contenders, but I would say that's actually a good thing when you're looking to start fresh, rather than carrying along 18,000lbs of garbage for the ride and trying to pretend it's not making you really tired.
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Jul 2, 2012