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Integration + 35 years. That's the answer. Software optimization by itself isn't enough. What do you optimize for? At any given time Apple might have a handful of iOS hardware products and another handful of MacBooks, but Microsoft has hundreds. This is where vertical integration comes into play. Controlling the hardware and the software allows you to target your software efforts to a particular combination of hardware, and develop your hardware to take advantage of software advancements. You say that drivers are partially to blame? Sure, I agree. But why do you need drivers for five thousand hardware devices? Again, this is the joy of an open platform where anything goes, versus a tightly integrated product with hardware and software developed in concert, backed by a third century of experience perfecting just that. Integration + 35 years. That's the answer.
Step 1: Step 2: 35+ years Step 3: Profit It would be more surprising if 35 years of tight hardware/software integration did not yield such benefits. No one in the industry has Apple's consistent history of designing their own hardware for their own software, and writing their own software for their own hardware. Sure everyone is doing it now, but they're all at a three-decade disadvantage in experience.
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Oct 21, 2013