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Donna Currie
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After a short stint as the restaurant critic for my local market, it became apparent that it wasn't for me. I didn't want to sit in the dining room and nitpick the decor, I wanted to go into the kitchen and meet the chef and talk about why he created a dish or why he opened the new restaurant or what his secret was to staying in business so long. Even better, I'd love to have a chef teach me one of his dishes and write about that. And seriously, given the love of chefs and cooking shows, I think readers would like that more than traditional reviews. The whole cloak-and-dagger routine is antiquated. Unless you've lived as a hermit, you can probably be found online. Why not go to restaurants, tell chefs to "send me your best" and be done with it? If the restaurant can't live up to that standard for the average diner, then yelpers will have their say.
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We've got a whole list of new restaurants to try out this summer - it would be so cool to have a discreet little camera to document some of them. And the kindle will be great for backyard reading. dmbcurrie at hotmail dot com
Some nice herbal tea along with a piece of pie is a great thing. Even better, you can match the tea to the pie. Mmmm...pie..
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Apr 1, 2010