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Igner Ant
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So... what is Jermaine Jones' club status? I know this has been discussed and I just missed it, but could someone update me? He's not seriously going to spend a season not dressing for Schalke, is he?
I hope Dempsey gets a hat trick next outing! Grrr, he better get a hat trick, or else! I really really really want him to get a hat trick next time!
Yeay, finally a few more Americans get to participate in some real soccer traditions-- racism, xenophobia, and good old-fashioned blood feuding!!! Uh, just to be clear: between Rangers and Celtic supporters, it's not like either one can really claim the moral high ground at this point. At a certain point, when you're on a race to the bottom of the barrel, you have to be the one to stop running, no matter who started it.
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2011 on Bocanegra joins Rangers at Soccer By Ives
I think the Galaxy have clearly demonstrated they're up for international competition with the likes of Real. Are any of those guys on the roster Puerto Rican? No? Phew. Dodged a bullet there.
And Bowen makes me eat my words. Hence the "Igner Ant."
Maybe a little too much room, no?
Okay, that Bowen dude needs to stop shooting. Not his night.
I should start supporting the league, and stop being such a crappy fan. Wow, like that last touch... actually pretty impressive.
Yeah, my bad. Overall quality of the play. By comparison to what I remember from four years ago. This has been entertaining, with some really solid play.
On the other hand... as a guy who's been watching European stuff and hasn't seen an MLS game in 3 or 4 years... the overall quality seems much higher to me. Not that one game is a good way to judge it.
Wow. That's pretty sad.
Boy, this is a weird game for an introduction to MLS. All I heard about was how LA had such reliable defense...
Wow, great keeping. Did I read that someone released that guy? Sheesh.
Alright, either I suck, or TypePad does. I'm not counting me out.
Is that how Buddle scores his damn goals... tapping other people's work in?
My damn profile name keeps getting f'd up. Anyway, thanks for that info. Too bad the ball sucks so hard.
Do MLSers whine and moan about Jabulani, or was that just a World Cup fad?
Right, got it. How about if I ask when John O'Brien is going to make his big comeback instead? Will that work too?
I can't believe LD took a damn dive. This is not going to make me an MLS regular
Going to join SBI commentary for the first time. Do I have to get jumped in to the SBI mafia or something?
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Jul 22, 2010