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Whatever, good luck to him. Now Riley has his work cut out for him in deciding how to build this thing. Bring back Bosh and Wade and insert Melo for LeBron? The one thing I will say, he sure has a funny way of repaying the loyalty that Wade, Bosh and the Heat organization showed him. Really left all of them in a lurch. Thanks for a great four years. A few more would have been great, but also kind of glad all the drama is over now.
Castrate the bastards. Feel so sorry for the young woman who endured this horror. Praying for her and her family to find a way past this tragic disregard for humanity.
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Clearly left for money. We need to pay our coaching staff better. Get rid of Shalalalalala!!!
Toggle Commented Dec 20, 2012 on McDonald takes WR job at Arkansas at Eye on the U
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Whew!... When I first saw this headline, I thought, oh man, I've never heard of Bishop Daniels, but the last thing we need right now is another player leaving the team on bad terms. Then I saw that he plays some sport called basketball. Man, what a relief!!! We have a basketball team? Who knew? Sheesh, Manny, don't scare us like that. Maybe you should reserve this space for real news.
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2012 on G Bishop Daniels leaves UM at Eye on the U
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On the Dolphins poll... where is the option: "Dolphins who? Wake me up when the franchise is no longer a joke."
At least there's one thing we can all agree on. Donna Shalala, despite her well documented ability to grub for money, has been a disaster for this University and deserves to be relieved of her position. That photo says it all. She brought Shapiro into the program. At least Penn State fired those who did the covering up. Ohio State got rid of Tressell (although Gee is clearly not clean either). How can we tell the NCAA that we've cleaned house when our biggest culprit is still the head of the University?? Shalala is an unmitigated disaster and must go!!
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Totally with you if by "Gun Control" you mean hitting your target, Cote. If, on the other hand, you mean taking guns out of law abiding citizens, you are once again revealing yourself to be a knee-jerk statist. Consider how many lives would have been saved if someone in that theatre had been carrying and could have dropped this punk. Consider how much less likely incidents such as this and the Virginia Tech massacre and others would be if "our" government, and people like you, weren't so hell bent on turning us all into defenseless sheep and concealed carry were common-place. To use this Aurora incident as political cover for again pushing the agenda of disarming your fellow, law-abiding citizens is just pathetic and rediculous. Lunatics are going to find their ways, no matter how many laws you may wish to write. Violating the Constitution and preventing upstanding citizens from protecting themselves has no place in this discussion.
Uggh, so wanted to see Ray Ray live up to his potential while still wearing Orange and Green. Was really exciting to hear he was coming back for his senior year, thought it meant he was ready to get serious... So dissapointing to see him continue to let down this team and himself. Good luck to him in the NFL. Looks like lots of early PT for Deon Bush, next man in.
Toggle Commented Jul 18, 2012 on Safety Ray-Ray Armstrong dismissed at Eye on the U
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Woohooo!!! Been a long, hot dreary summer. Good to see you back Manny!! a a a a a a a a C-A-N-E-S CANES!!!!
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Amen Go Unions, especially on the last paragraph. BTW, when the hell is Obama gonna finally bail us UM fans out by hiring Shalalalala away!?
Ridiculous, I've really got to stop reading Cote's blogs headline. His idiotic and controversial headlines just keep sucking me in... I hate myself for that. So Russell Athletic closes a factory in a socialist country supported by the Western Hemisphere's new greatest threat to Democracy and the University of Miami should be praised for punishing RA for that!? I suppose the U and Comrade Shalalalala will get another award when they license their apparel through North Korea and Iran, right? The world has gone absolutely MAD!!!
Flipper72... AMEN. A-F'ing-MEN. Keep up the good fight. Those of us who see the world as you do risk coming off as unhinged lunatics, but you are right and people are beginning to wake up to the ruse, or at least I hope so. We are being enslaved one welfare check and UN vote at a time. People need to start paying attention and stand up and fight. As the movie says "people, go to your windows and scream, 'I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!'" Liberty or Death.
Hey Cote, where was your outrage when Bush was being compared to a monkey over and over again? Hypocrite. Here's a nice example: And Chevy, maybe you should branch out just a little bit on where you get your political "news" aside from the Obama propaganda centers of MSNBC and CNN. Try CNBC maybe... Oh, and as far as "comparing the two"... You are right, Bush has been directly and without disguise compared to monkeys for years. The NY Post cartoon was saying essentially that this Bankrupt America Bill may as well have been written by and insane Chimp on a rampage. Personally, I think the Post owes an apology not to the writers of the Bill, but to insane rampaging Chimps.
I could care less, who or how many Hoes DWade is banging. Good for him, I guess, if it makes him happy. But if he was doing that while married with two young children...? If his wife's claim that she was faithful to him and contracted an STD from Wade as a result of his promiscuous adultery. Well, that's the mark of a pretty selfish and immoral person. How can he not be tarnished by that? If true, the guy is a bastard, a$$hole.
bummer on Greg Reid to FSU. Better there than with the 'Turds, but I was hoping we might have a shot. Great work, Manny. It's been great lately to be able to log on and get something fresh from you consistently. Keep it up. I think the way to look at this class is not by the rank we get. We got the flashy #1 class loaded with skill players last year. A class filled with linemen depth/need fillers is just not going to get that kind of top billing, but there is a lot of talent there, mixed in with some flashy studs, but most importantly, what we need out of this class is to build the foundation for the team. We need quick, agile beef for both sides of the line of scrimmage and to add depth throughout the roster. I think that's exactly what Randy appears headed toward accomplishing. While we may not be getting the top billing for this class, if you judged solely based on needs, it's hard to argue we are not getting exactly what we need here. That is, assuming we can hold the class together over the next couple days and pick up a surprise or two, especially at oline. I don't really get Bryce's deal anymore. I totally understand him taking his time and going through the process and not rushing the decision, but it definitely seems like he is just milking the spotlight at this point. He's obviously talented and I'd love to see him in Orange and Green and the Brown's seem to have a great family with solid values, I don't know. It's just getting seedy I guess.
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cubancane, Miami will advance with either a UM win (obviously), or a Georgia Tech win. If there is a three way tie, the tie break goes to the team with the best ACC regular season record. So, the only way Miami doesn't advance is if they lose to NC State and Clemson beats GT. NC State would win the two way tie break because they beat Miami in the tourney, again that's an IF. No shot against Manny here, he doesn't "cover" the baseball team. but, it would be nice if the illustrious Herald reporters would ask themselves these basic questions and find a way to answer them when writing up the dramatic game two win. This was the first question I asked as well, and having seen the game, the only reason I read today's piece by Jamie Givens. Anyway, thanks for the coverage Herald and GO CANES!! We need some better pitching if we're going to win the Series, though. Erickson was not impressive.
Toggle Commented May 23, 2008 on UM assistants on recruiting tour at Eye on the U
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