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I have stayed there and they successfully created a welcoming and comfortable environment. The Modern Butler caters to your need from a professional check in through bringing you coffee in bed at your desired time. The place is spotless and the mattress and linen are first class. The following are some update from the previous posts based on their current website (Someone should update Wikipedia!) : 1) The first hotel opened in June 5th, 2009 in Teufen, AR, Switerland 2) The first night tests happened end of 2008 at the bunker of Sevelen, St.-Gallen, Switerland 3) Today at the Teufen property, there is sufficient hot water at all times of day and night for everyone 4) There is a central heating but the temperature is maintained to a minimum 5) the Wheel of Fate (Glucksrad) is a great functional installation 6) hot water bottles are available to guests looking for more heat 7) morning coffee (Nespresso) or tea are included in the price 8) an old 80's TV streams live from a web cam placed on the top of the building so you see outside (Virtual Window). 9) T-shirt "Null Stern - the only is you" are available, the green color is my favorite They have welcomed 1000 guests from over 20 countries worldwide. Geo Saison ranked them in the top 100 hotel in Europe in the "Ausser Konkurrenz" category. Your reflection on the Swiss democratic system is very interesting and appropriate. The Null Stern's philosophy demonstrates that the system also works with genuine and well thought out projects. Well done and keep them coming.
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Jan 30, 2010