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Thanks for the good news Pete, would hate to see us lose momentum now. Got to stay positive, As much as we're going to miss coach Collins and the great strides the defense made this year we can only hope that our new D.C. will build on Collins' foundation and take the D to even greater heights!
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2011 on Year No. 4 for No. 4 at FIU at FIU Panthers Prowl
Bummer. I guess he wants to coach in front of more than 6000 people.
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For all of the genuine FIU fans- I told you this site would be over-run with trolls. Locked out of you-know-where, this is going to become the go to place for FIU bashing from FIU obsessed fans of the other local universities. See most of you on the other side, to the rest of you...sorry, you're not on the guest list. BTW, UM's coach? Meh. FAU's? Good luck with that.
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That was a lost opportunity for sure. Why did they pull WC? Did he get hurt? I thought he was showing some things in the first half and the offense was threatening to start clicking. After they put WY in there, same old, same old. I think Younger is too quick to check off all his receivers and tuck it and run. At other times he'll just sit back there forever until the line collapses. I don't want to see him get picked but it seems sometimes like the game is moving too fast for him. I hate to bash the kid, I know he's trying. Maybe Satterfield can find a way to use WY's athletic ability in some other way. Or maybe both QB's need more real game experience before they start to click in this new system. They really did seem close at times. It's a shame, we definitely let Rutgers off the hook last night. I think after that 17 point line Rutgers fans and players were happy to just get out of here with the win.
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2010 on FIU vs. Rutgers live blog at FIU Panthers Prowl
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Alt, word for word I agree with everything you said. I was thinking the same thing "Why are they leading a cheer with our offense in the red zone?" I thought the offense showed glimpses of what it could be if it start's firing on all cylinders. Our line wasn't getting pushed around as embarrasingly as in years past and they seem to be introducing more formations that take advantage of our speed. Defense looks like it could be REAL good this season. Listening to the chatter around me I also noticed that there were a lot of people who weren't really football fans but just came out to support FIU, and people who seemed only marginally interested in football or FIU, lol. But that's o.k., we are trying to build a fan base out of thin air and anyone who comes out and supports the program should be encouraged; better than a sea of empty seats. Let's hope some of these marginal fans will return next month. It did strike me though how much smaller that stadium seems with people in the seats, lol. It was great to see that many students there because, let's face it, that's where the energy and excitement comes from. Noticed some Canes gear here and there but even that seems to be going away. It seems more and more FIU students are embracing the university they actually attend, which is great. I know a lot of people expect us to be Michigan, Ohio State or Florida overnight but if you take a longer view we're making good progress. If you take this game, along with the preceding weeks as an example, you'll see more interest, more coverage, bigger crowd, more student support, better atmosphere and hopefully a better product on the field. Not phenomenal growth, but slow, steady growth of the program. One thing that hasn't changed from when I attended, the best looking women in any college anywhere. That alone is worth the price of admission.
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2010 on FIU vs. Rutgers - LIVE BLOG at FIU Panthers Prowl
Glad to see cooler heads may start to prevail here. All of this constant bashing of these two guys adds nothing and may be driving people away from this blog. If every time Justin or Adam put something up here it's met with a barrage of hate, this blog is going to be seen as more trouble than it's worth. I miss Pete too, did the whole bit, e-mailed Rojas numerous times. I also appreciate our other sources of FIU news,, FIUSM, Joel. Good stuff, but not the same as having our athletics in the Herald, in front of people who otherwise wouldn't know what we're building at Tamiami. There's an old adage that there's no such thing as bad publicity. At the stage of the game FIU is at, having people talking about us, the good and the bad, helps us. Right now the Herald is the only mainstream media giving us any kind of coverage. The Sun-Sentinel, Palm Beach Post, 790, 560, 940, we're invisible. If you want to say this is Adam or Justin writing this...sigh...fine, but burning our bridge with the Herald and causing it to pull down this blog will be to our great detriment and makes me wonder who are the true enemies of what we're trying to build at FIU. Have a nice day.
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Well said CA Panther. Let's turn the page and move forward.
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C'mon back Adam. I for one would like to see some more of your stuff. However if your next piece infers that the football program is pointless and should be disbanded, our degrees invalidated and MMC turned into a park and ride lot, I suspect it won't be well received.
Toggle Commented Aug 6, 2010 on Defensive state of mind at FIU Panthers Prowl
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Good job Justin.
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2010 on Offensive breakdown at FIU Panthers Prowl
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This enhanced coverage is phenomenal. Please, no more enhancing, my heart can't take it.
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Couldn't agree more nothingxs and panther viscosity. We're not helping ourselves. Whatever our feelings about the Herald, lets represent our university well.
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Welcome Justin. I was a great fan of Pete Pelegrin as were many others. I hope you and Adam will bring the same energy to the blog as Pete always did. Looking forward to both your and Adam's work.
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