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But if my end goal is to show people that data and fact IS more important than persuasion, should it not be our first inclination? Would I not be a liar, no worse, a hypocrite whose utterances spit upon his own beliefs if I were to rely primarily on a tongue that I don't believe has as much merit as my own? I mean, I am not so blind as to miss that there is need for some persuasion when data shows no discernible path. Do you not think of persuasion and data as two extremes? I am a painted fence, as I've been persuaded things were much better than they were (unhealthy friendships & crap situations), only to realize the bitter truth later.. And under this paint, I myself am terrible persuader. So maybe.. maybe I am just a hater. Yet I still I think it wrong that persuasion can win out over truth; I don't believe persuasion should have such power to effectively mute the truth, or deafen those within earshot.
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Jul 23, 2012