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What was the post that got on tv?
Richardson has been a steal of a deal for us.
Classic comment on Spo controlling Wade's sugar intake - hilarious!
If JO regains his confidence, I think we have one of the best "Big Three" in the league right now... top 10 probably?
Wade jsut avoided an ankle injury - that was close.
This is enough separation... they just have to play them to a stand still. I know what you mean - LeBron and company can overcome a ten point deficit, but let's not overreact.
Jermaine seems to have his legs back under him... can he sustain for 4 quarters?
Killing them right now
Rafer airball reminds me of the final shot in that Indiana series when Van Gundy decided Wade was not good enough to be on the court down by 3 in spite of the fact that he brought us back in that game... SVG overrated.
Explosive move by JO'MILLIONAIRE!!!!
OK, I change my mind... I would rather be patient with Beasley and not trade him. Hopefully he can be the power forward of the future and we can fill the gaps in the rest of the lineup some other way.
OK, I change my mind... I would rather be patient with Beasley and not trade him. Hopefully he can be the power forward of the future and we can fill the gaps in the rest of the lineup some other way.
I agree that Stoudamire would have value in a possible sign and trade because he is unlikely to want to leave any money on the table...
Amare and Marion were partying after losing game 1 in the playoffs at home against San Antonio... Tony Parker seemed like a much more level headed person than those guys. I think partying is great, but I found it completely disrespectful and indicative of their selfishness that they did not even pretend to care about such an important game.
Here is Aaron Gay struggling with his shoe: I think Amare is worth investing in, but he definitely does not bring the grit of say Udonis Haslem. When Phoenix lost game 1 at home against the Spurs a few years back, I saw Tony Parker at the club, but leaving around midnight and being very low key with a few friends in the VIP... Amare and Stat showed up right after Tony left and they partied like they had just won the Super Bowl... I was disappointed, because I know Nash was heartbroken and trying to figure out ways to beat the Spurs and these guys were partying as if they had won. Now, if it were a regular season game, I understand, but these are the guys that Nash has to lean on to win games and they seemed not to care about a potential run to the Finals. So, Amare will help you win a lot of games, but do not expect him to take losing personally... I wish more players did that, because it forces you to get better and smarter... like Steve Nash has, Kobe, LeBron, Dwyane, etc.
I think Beasley for Amare is a real possibility... Tyrus Thomas also makes sense. I don't think Minnesota and Golden State come into play because they suck, but who knows, he would certainly be the man in those places.
Hickson/Ilgauskas trade being offered to the Suns by Cleveland... I think Beasley is better than Hickson, but he is a good young power forward... I don't think we swing an Amare deal without Beasley.
Bosh and Stoudamire are not marketable like Wade and LeBron... I see them as being more concerned about the extra year and $30 million than Wade and LeBron are, although I think they both are likely to stay for the extra guaranteed money. Bosh and Stoudamire are essentially done in their cities, but they will likely resign for the max contract wherever they are. If keeping Beasley is a part of the championship plan, my guess is that Rudy Gay has to be at the top of the wish list.
Beasley, Q-Rich, Wright and JO show up tonight... Wade goes for 30+ and a near triple double. Not sure we win, but they will be ready to play.
Augustin / Cook Wade / Richardson Richardson / Wright Beasley / Amare Amare / Chandler Posted by: josh | January 25, 2010 at 03:02 PM I agree that Diawara could fill in the defensive stopper role occasionally if the team was more offensively gifted elsewhere. I don't think Cook is taking Alston's spot in the rotation. With those players I would see this rotation: C - Chandler, Stoudamire PF - Stoudamire, Beasley SF - Beasley, Richardson SG - Wade. Richardson PG - Alston, Augustine I know you hate Beasley at the 3, but I think his offensive efficiency would greatly improve with that surrounding cast... and Jason Richardson would be a better 6th man.
Stealing Amare for JO without including Beasley would have to include Jason Richardson... they do want to get rid of his contract and for good reason. The Suns have been chipping away at their talent base in order to give the illusion of being a contender while diminishing the product on the court ever so slightly. I don't think the Suns could sell their fanbase on the trade without Beasley, so I think it would be Stoudamire/Richardson for Beasley/JO, or Beasley/Haslem/Richardson/Jones/Cook. I think our 3 point shooters would go off for the Suns and I think Nash would make Beasley a star over night... good deals for the Suns to save money and save face.
I would love LeBron and Dwyane to be teammates on my favorite team... the rumor some years back was that they would go to New York together and I think it is brilliant that Miami has itself currently as the only team that can offer both max contracts - especially in a year that has many other max contract types available... there is a plan b, c, d, e and f available this offseason, provided at least two max players want to team up... Dwyane doesn't even have to be one of them - let's say Joe Johnson and Amare Stoudamire want to reunite... the possibilities are endless. However, I look at Cleveland and they have no such flexibility to pair those two guys up, but they have the Eastern Conference's best record. They are working the phones to bring in reinforcements and they will likely get something done... that is a better plan to keep your superstar than to force him into a rebuilding project that makes NY/NJ/Chicago seem like comparable destinations. We have to come up with some magic during free agency or else Dwyane is leaving for greener pastures... We will see this off-season who is moving and who isn't. I think it will be Stoudamire, Bosh and Boozer that change teams with Stoudamire and Bosh likely going in sign and trade deals or staying put for the extra $30 million... both players will eventually be traded by their teams, I just don't see them taking the paycut in order to change locations. So, in light of all that... I think it is time to assume LeBron is staying in Cleveland forever and try to trade for a team that gives Wade a chance to knock him off in the playoffs this year. I think our expiring contracts, young players, draft picks and willingness to send money in trades give us a great opportunity to get to the front of the line on some blockbuster deals this year. We already scooped up one rotation player off of the buyout market in Rafer Alston... if we can trade expirings for quality, we might be able to plug in another veteran free agent or two and give Wade something to work with this season. I don't think he will be too happy if he gets to the playoffs and gets embarrassed again. We should not make stupid trades just to make them, but Dwyane begged for help before the season... he is being professional about it and trusting the front office, but has made it clear that he expects results. If the trading season can give him a supporting cast that rivals LeBron's I think he would come back out of loyalty even if we come up short. I think Wade is the best athlete to ever play in Miami professional sports and should have a contending team every year... I'm not sure what is available in the market and for what price, but if we need to send a first round pick to Houston for T-Mac - do it now. If we need to send Beasley in order to guarantee ourselves Bosh/Stoudamire - do it (do you think Boston is kicking themselves over giving up Al Jefferson). Just do it, Wade deserves better than a young stud and a bunch of role players.
Beasley for Bosh or Stoudamire... who would take that deal right now? The assumption being that we are doing the deal because Wade and the other player will re-sign for max contracts... I think I would. Wade/Bosh or Wade/Stoudamire would be the best inside outside threat in the league for the next 5 years and Beasley seems destined to be our third option until he gets out of his rookie contract... it seems we could land a third option for mid-level type money to offset that loss. I am not diminishing Michael's game, but I would rather put all my eggs on the Dwyane Wade basket and if Michael's legacy in Miami was being the asset that brought us Bosh/Stoudamire I'm ok with that... that was Lamar and Caron's legacy - they brought us Shaq... and we were able to build around that strong duo in a hurry.
I agree that Wade quitting in the first half and allowing his team to be trampled is a problem. Maybe it was his way of saying he wants new teammates by the deadline... if so, the message is loud and clear. I don't know what the heck is going on in his head, but hope that it can be resolved and we can rebuild with him. I saw LBJ take care of the Lakers tonight and rapping during closing time to the Drake song, which I think was used for his documentary... seems like he is living his dream in Cleveland, he can carry that team without Mo Williams, just sick.
Stephen Jackson has made Charlotte a better team than Miami... I hope Riley finds a deal or two to his liking, because this team and this coach are not gonna get out of the first round against anybody. People have suggested trades for Hinrich or Devin Harris, but the flip side is that you are clearing cap space for those teams to make a run at Wade. NJ already has room for one star, but by dealing Harris, they would have room for two... so no on those trades, they will have to find another desperate team, we are not looking to help either one of those teams re-build.