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I for one would rather sign Matt Flynn as he has sat for four years behind a great quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. He is lighting up the Lions today. I think the draft pick that we would typically use on a quarterback this year, which could be anywhere from four to seven,would be bettwer suited to use else where. Let's say we sign Flynn as our quarterback and use a three or four to draft Ryan Lindely from SD State (QB). We bring back Rex for one year and let Lindely hold the clip board and learn. Follow me here, there is a lot of ifs. If the Browns, Jaguars and Buccanneers all win, we move up to the fourth pick. Indy drafts Luck; St. Louis trades back with Cleveland and the Browns take RGIII; the Vikings take WR Blackmon. We then take Matt Kalil because let's face it, Trent Williams hasn't exactly been stellar at LT. Besides that, one more joint and he's gone for the year. This is the best possible dream scenario but I think it would be our best bet. If this doesn't pan out then next year we are in a position to draft Barkley.
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Jan 1, 2012