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I can totally relate with you.... up until your team won... I've been supporter of my local soccer team (NAC Breda) for all my life. I went to the old stadium for the first time when i was 6 years old, in 1982 but didn't like it then. Then 2 years later i went to another match and that atmosphere, the thick emotion that you could almost taste, the passion that filled the stadium. It overwhelmed me. It wasn't until a month or two later i actually started liking the game as wel. Over the years we've been 5th, 4th,last and religated to a lower league, became champions of that league and promoted to the bigtimes again, 8th, 4th and even made 3rd place one seizon. But never have i had the pleasure of seeing my team hold up the champion's cu... eehm.. plate... and i can only imagine the feeling that must give. I'm jelous but not so much that i'm not happy for you. Congratulations man! Enjoy!
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Did Eureka ever air in the Netherlands? Or any other work besides Startrek? Sounds like i missed out on some good stuff... Why does most of the series airing in the US not get aired on tv in Europe?
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Great read. Good idea too... But for me it's going back to the first games on Vic20 and txt adventures on the c16 and onwards.. Hopefully these emulators will work. Don't want to wake up my parents to rummage the attic for the real ones.. Thanks for the idea. Going to love the "go norht [ENTER]" thing...
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Feb 21, 2012